Christmas Is Coming.

Season’s Greetings,


Have you bought any Christmas presents yet?

I haven’t, even though, after last Christmas, I swore that I would.

It would surely have felt very smug to watch everyone else worrying, and scattering around in the last minute crowds, while I had everything beautifully wrapped and tagged by Easter, and waiting on top of the wardrobe.


Unfortunately it does not happen like that in the real world…in my real world, at least!

With Big H being off work so ill this year, my world seems to have shrunk considerably, so us wandering around the antique shops and stores ‘ just to see what we shall see’  has not really been an option, as he does not have any energy.


However I did persuade him to drive to a local garden suppliers yesterday, so that I could buy two hanging baskets for the house, and it was like walking into ….
A Christmas carol.


There were battalions of plastic Xmas trees and beautiful scarlet and gold dressed dinner tables, set with everything from crockery to holly, just waiting for the turkey.

Or perhaps there was a decorative turkey there all the time, but I just did not look at the right table.


At this very moment, there is probably a busy factory in Taiwan, working 24 hours a day to turn out millions of incredibly realistic looking,  plastic cooked turkeys as I write this.

Perhaps some of them will come with zips along the back, so that the very mean amongst us, or the very diet conscious, can enjoy the whole Christmas Table Experience, before opening the zip and taking out the hidden tiny salad with the holly garnish.

They could do the same thing with large, zipped, plastic Christmas Puddings, that would have battery operated, realistic flickering flames, but actually only contain a few, low calorie, oatcakes.

Think of the money and time to be saved if you just washed out your plastic turkey and pretend pudding, and put it away for next year, and think of all those previously early rising ladies, who have to put in the turkey at 4 am, who could then just enjoy a long Noel lie-in followed by an easy, cheap, healthy, non fattening celebratory meal


Anyway, it all started me thinking that I had better get some lists drawn up with present ideas for everyone, because Big H will be retiring next year and we will have to start being more sensible with money.

In future we will have to stop deciding on a limit of spending for presents, and then just blatantly ignoring it.

We must decide a much lower level of spending and then KEEP TO IT!

That means even more planning, and even more creative thinking, if we do not want to end up in the ‘one legged guy’ situation again through sheer last minute desperation.


I might ask Big H for more Estee Lauder long lasting make-up because I still like the stuff that we bought on that last excursion to buy a freezer.


We still have not got a new freezer and we are managing with a tiny little Guinness drinks fridge that our youngest son bought us for a previous Christmas many years ago.

What with that and no television to watch, we seem to be heading for a proper Bob Cratchit Celebration if we are not careful.


To get back to make-up again.

I quite fancy having their smokey kohl eyeliner and shadow, and a proper bottle of the DayWear Plus face cream.

I got a large sample pot of that when I bought my last stuff and it is very finely textured and smells faintly of cucumber.  Very lovely.

I find that, now I am older, most of the creams I have been using are too heavy and lie greasily upon the skin afterwards.

I also want some of the Estee Lauder ‘Maraschino’ red lipstick that Nelly recommended in her comment to ‘art descriptions all completed’.


All of the above is in case I do not find anything that ‘I did not know I needed till I saw it’, in which case I will obviously ask for that, but, as a fallback, it stops Big H wasting money and disappointing us both with something that I do not want.

Come to think of it, I think I will ask for lots of quality silver toe rings!


The thing that I did want most for Christmas this year was a pair of silver ankle chains, but he already bought me some of them at the start of the summer.

That’s why I keep him.

Well, that and his excellent tiny sandwiches.


My children will be spending their alternate years with in-laws and future in-laws this December, so Big H and I will be having a snug and cuddly celebration at home together, with lots of port, Belgian chocolates and  ‘It’s A Wonderful Life‘. (LOUD TRAILER again).


Can’t wait.



By the way..I think Jim Carey is handsome..the answer to The Great Game Question is Yes.  Most definitely.

With the one proviso that he is not in the habit of pulling daft faces or talking in silly voices at the same time.

That sort of indulgence could definitely get him killed

2 Responses to “Christmas Is Coming.”

  1. nelly says:

    Hey jaksie –
    they’ve been playing Christmas music for the past 3 weeks here (in Ottawa) and it’s not even thanksgiving yet!

    re: makeup and cream. I’ve worked for several makeup companies during uni so I’ve played with quite a large number of products – and i can tell you straight up when it comes to eyeliners and kohl, Estee Lauder doesn’t do it well. their liners dry up fast and break. you pay $28 for a stick that’ll last your a few uses before it’s worn out from breakage. I’d recommend MAC, Urban Decay (available in Sephora and some dept. stores you have in the UK) and Lise Watier. Less $, more value and the liners are simply great. If big H feels generous though, he can buy you a Chanel kohl liner that will serve you well, but those are costly.

    for cream, i know exactly what you mean re: absorption into skin. It’s got nothing to do with age and mostly dependent on your skin type / humidity in your living quarters. i have persnickety skin and it gets all out of whack quite regularly b/c of the drastic temperature drops b/ween summer and winter here (from 34 to -34). I found that creams with more natural ingredients are the solution. I *highly* recommend products by Lush >> . They have several creams directed at various skin types, and they only last about 8 months to a year maximum, but they’re absolutely divine. A bonus you’ll enjoy: they’re cruelty free and incorporate fair trade ingredients. They’ve also launched a campaign against using palm oil as a way to decrease demand for it and save some rainforest patches in south america( amazon mostly )

    the second brand for creams i’d recommend is Origins ( it’s more expensive, but it’s far more superior than the dept. store brands.

    sorry i’ve rambled on quite a bit =0)
    happy shopping.

  2. Jaksie says:

    Hi Nelly,

    Wow,that’s a helluva comment! Well done that girl!
    I shall now have a lot to think about before I make any more purchases. It is like having my own personal make-up artist on hand.
    You are absolutely right that cosmetics are far too expensive to make mistakes with.
    I think that your advice will be useful for most of my blogees too (is there such a word)… especially the women!
    Don’t envy you those winters in Ottawa…it is bad enough here.
    Take care,
    Keep warm,

    PS. You are right. I like the Lush approach ‘cos every little helps.

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