Hello Peeps,

Today started off sunny so we went out to cut the grass.  At least Big H cut the grass and I pulled out even more Bindweed.

We are plagued with the stuff and it never gives up.


Bindweed is amazingly pretty when you see it on waste land, growing up through trees and chain link fencing, with it’s beautiful white trumpet flowers.  But do not be fooled by a pretty face because this particular plant is  ‘ Born To Be Wild ‘ with knobs on.

If you leave any tiny bits of root in the ground then they will grow into a new plant just as soon as you are not looking.

I think that next year we will have to treat the lawn with a selective weedkiller.  I do not like to use chemicals but this stuff is seemingly indestructible any other way.


Yesterday we went out to look at computers but we were frightened off by the prices.

I can probably continue with this Spawn of Satan for the time being while we try to hold out for some kind of sale offer.  You never know your luck !


As we were driving to the shops we almost had a crash when the driver in front shot into the outside lane without giving a signal.

We had just indicated  a move ourselves and were pulling into the fast lane at the time.

Then the bloody fool shot back into the middle lane in front of us again, once more with no signal given.

Luckily Big H managed to avoid a collision with the idiot, who was also talking on a mobile phone I might add.

Big H said, ” No wonder people get road rage with the way some people behave”.  Or should that be mis-behave.


We continued on our way and not long after that we were at the head of a queue waiting to get onto a roundabout.  We were feeling mellow listening to sixties hits such as Roy Orbison singing ‘It’s Over,’ and  ‘It’s Only Just Begun’ by The Carpenters.  These latter being from the same family and not fully trained , time-served craftsmen.


Big H suddenly looked around angrily and said  “Who the hell is tooting at ME,” before realising that the tooting sound came from the advert on the radio.

Talk about road rage.  What if some other guy had heard the same tooting noise on his car radio and looked around to find out which aggressive bastard was tooting at HIM, then saw Big H staring straight his way as HE was looking around to find out the same thing, then they each think the other man is tooting and being aggressive for no reason and they both get furious.

There could be MURDER.


Things can get unbelievably aggressive in traffic.

This was proved to me one day when Iwas driving in London with my youngest son and two cars up ahead kept trying to pass each other in heavy traffic.

This accelerated until they were side swiping each other’s cars.

Then both  drivers doors opened and the two gentlemen leapt out and were  were facing each other in blazing tempers and screaming.  Then they started pushing forwards and banging their chests together, with their arms down by their sides. They looked like two fighting cocks.

Other motorists were looking on in horror and amazement.

Some shocked motorists started hooting at them.Then they seemed to calm down and got back into their cars and the traffic moved forwards, but we could not believe the exhibition of rage that we had seen.


We had it right in the sixties.





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