Diet: Lose one stone in one month.



I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a friend.

She has been trying to lose some weight, but finds it very hard, because rich cooking is her hobby and her passion.

She tries to make slimming meals but the temptation to really do her own thing always gets the better of her.

As usual, she has the choice to do as many other people do, and eat next to nothing , but she is also interested in being happy and healthy.


She has finally found what she feels will be the perfect, easy and healthy solution to her problem.


During a trawl on the web she found a site called Dietchef, and she liked what it said.

It seems to be a hassle free way to eat well and to lose one stone per month.  I think she said that it will cost her about £38 per week,

For this, she is sent a hamper of Chef- prepared ready meals, to cover each day’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  The food just needs to be heated or microwaved or unwrapped etc.

The list of foods sounds interesting.  The dinners consist of such things as Casseroles, Chilli, Thai Chicken Curry and Spaghetti Bolognaise.  She is especially looking forward to the chocolate shake and fruit bars.

The lunches sound like soups of various kinds.


It would all appear to be based upon generous portions of low G.I. foods which allow the stomach to feel full for much longer.

My friend had been buying a sandwich and a health bar for her lunch every day at work and she tells me that the cost of a full day’s Chef’s meals does not cost much more than that.

Anyway, I will be getting updates over the month to come and I will tell you the resulting weight loss in about one month, as I believe she is postponing the start until a current rush of contracts at work is resolved.


I think that this idea will be making someone a shed load of money.


It would not suit anyone like me.

I DETEST soup.




See what happened here.


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