Do not ever diss yourself.

Greetings peeps,


Today I feel like telling you how distressing it is when I meet a certain person who is a really likable, attractive personality.

From the outside, looking in, you would imagine that she is confident and that she has  has everything going for her .

Well you would be totally wrong.

She is a person who is always apologising for everything, even things no one has any control over at all. She never stops.

It is sad to hear her own comments about herself.  These are along the lines of saying she is fat, slow, stupid, useless at everything, got a rubbish memory etc. etc. etc.


People who do this are encouraging others to dismiss them as nonentities.  To disregard them as people who have nothing to offer.

After all, who knows what we are better than ourselves.  So if a person constantly disses themselves to others, is it surprising that others just take them at their own stated face value and cease to interact meaningfully with them.  After all,  if they say they are total rubbish why would anybody bother doubting it.


It is a self fulfilling prophecy.  Stop it.





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