Dogs’ Bums And Their Owners.

Good morning to you,


As usual, I was up early again this morning.

It is really sunny outside and the sky is a pale Wedgewood blue.

A quite entrancing start to the day, until I bagged  up some rubbish and went out of the patio  door and into the back lane to get to my bin.

I needed to do these things with some alacrity today (and a plastic bag of course) , because Thursday is the rubbish bin collection day.


And what was waiting to greet me outside my own door!

It was a very unwelcome replay of my least favorite thing.

What the hell possesses these people to be so bloody selfish!

It particularly annoys me when dog owners do not pick up their dog’s shit when it is beside other peoples’ entrances and exits (talking in a purely architectural way of course).


A couple of years ago, when it was dark, I popped out out of the back door to go to the shop, and then returned home again.

A simple enough thing you might think..but you would be wrong.


It was only after I had put the shopping into the fridge, gone upstairs to tell Big H that I was back, and then continued up some more stairs to have a quick wee, that I realized I had stepped into a huge pile of dog turd and then unknowingly tramped the horrible stuff  (and possibly Toxocara worms too, which can cause blindness in humans) , all over the house.


So there I was, at an unfeasibly late hour, when all I wanted to do was settle down with a big glass of wine and a fat book, faced with a major job of damage limitation.

Selfish, thoughtless bloody swines!

Just as well, for my personal freedom, that I did not see any other dog owner neglecting to pick up shit around my house, for a while after that incident.

I was so angry, that not only was my normal mellowness upset, but I think that I would have grabbed the miscreants by the neck and rubbed their noses in it!



I also got all creative about it the day after, and I drew a big sign of my own, based upon those ones with a black dog and a red cross on it, but a lot more abusive!

I nailed it up in the lane beside my back door and left it there until it fell down, along with a red cardboard arrow stuck into the newly squashed, huge pile of poo that had caused the problem.

Perhaps the reason that it did not happen again, for quite a while after that, was because the wicked ones were afraid of being assaulted by an artistically inclined lunatic.

Hey….Whatever works!


Once again, I cannot remember what I was going to tell you about, so I will finish for now and go and get myself a big pink cuppa, and I will endeavour not to burn my tongue with it nor spill it all down my front again.


Oh dear, how sad that all sounds, obviously the next step towards old age will be the felt hat with the knob on it, and the incontinence pants.


Actually, I am in a fine mood again now.

Lots of love,


Hey..who’s showing off with the pink bits again!

Power..It totally corrupts!

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