Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Hi Peeps,


Isn’t it a shame that people’s insides do not match their outsides.

There are so many ways that people are judged these days, all based upon outside appearances and an abundance of expensive, purchased things.

Nobleness of spirit being considered nothing like as important as a big impressive house, a new car and accoutrements such as designer clothes. Many less than acceptable deeds and actions are considered worth doing if it results in visible proof of great worldly success and rewards.  People are then lauded and admired for nothing more than their wealth

Unfortunately, we all go by appearances now, and equate beauty with being good and desirable, whereas anything less than aesthetically pleasing is judged automatically as bad,undesirable, and not worth taking time for.  Wonderful personal attributes such as compassion, consideration for others, unselfishness and faithfulness are not even thought of.

Important qualities such as generosity of spirit, caring and kindness seem to matter very little.

When mass murderers  are finally caught, and we see film of them, they can appear handsome, charming and persuasive, there is no warning colouring on their  outsides, like a wasp has, to warn us that they can be a danger.

Let’s give each other a chance and get to know the inside before we make our judgements based on the outside.

We should look more to the true value of a person and their growth spiritually.

It is always strange to actually see mass murderers when they are finally caught. They look just like we do, sometimes they are handsome, charming and persuasive.

In actual fact they should coloured by nature to warn off the unwary, in the same manner that wasps are, then we would be able to avoid them because we would clearly see that they are dangerous to others.  They would then look like the monsters that they truly are.

Meanwhile, there are some amazingly beautiful people out there if we are prepared to truly see them, so let’s try and appreciate them a bit more.




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