Feeling Groovy.

And an extremely good morning to you.


This morning I was woken up by sunshine again.

The sky is a pretty blue, with artistically arranged drifts of filmy cloud, and the birds are noisily shouting that ‘the weird pink thing’ has not put their breakfast out on the wall as yet.


All is right with my world!


I think that putting the clocks back must have temporarily persuaded my brain that summer has returned, and it has released copious amounts of endorphins to celebrate the fact.

I am certainly not complaining.


In reality it is probably more due to the fact that my dreadful flu seems to be finally going, and I feel normal again.

Perhaps not really very normal in the scheme of things…but it works for me!

What an excellent beginning to the week it is.


I still do not make much in the way of plans for my time as Big H is continuing to be very easily fatigued.

Not helped by having to help me for the past week.

It is a good thing that he long ago perfected the art of sitting there, glassy-eyed, looking straight at me attentively..while apparently taking a nice snooze.

Talk about a captive audience taking the easy way out.


One nice thing should be happening though.

A handsome guy that I was introduced to by a friend, has bought a lot of large artwork from me over the years…he likes robust nudes too, so we have a lot in common…called in for a passing visit a couple of weeks ago.

We have grown to be good friends, and he and Big H like each other too, so that is a very enjoyable benefit.

He rang me last week to say that he wants to look at my recent work before it gets sold.

The last big nude I finished was on the easel at the time he came, and I think that it may have ambushed him.


It is pleasing when a person buys a collection of your works because they particularly like your style.

It is like a form of conversation without words and a vast compliment to me.


I always do enjoy watching someone look at my stuff and seeing their reactions to it, but how great to make a friend too.

I don’t care whether he buys any work or not actually, because it is always good to see a person you genuinely like, and original art is not cheap.

It does however, possess a reality and vibrancy that you could not possibly get in a print, and it is a one-off creation.


My own personal belief is that part of the painter’s essence is forever contained in their original work.

When I am captivated by an artwork, I like to be able to touch it and just stand there with my eyes closed, and wait.


I remember one time, some years ago, when we went to a  gallery and I saw a stunning, huge pencil drawing of what I think was the artist’s mother.

No one was around so I stood with my fingers on it and waited.

I don’t know what it was, but I was suddenly filled with a most desolate feeling of sadness, and had to stop.


I sent a blessing to the artist then, because the connection was made, and good thoughts are always helpful.


Standing back, it was still as compelling and visually breathtaking, but any thought I might have been entertaining about possessing it for myself was gone.

I would not have wished to live with it.


So, we shall see what else this beautiful day brings as it unfolds.


All my best wishes for you.

Enjoy your time to the full.



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