Fly away Peter

Greetings on this lovely morning.


I say lovely morning, but this is not my usual paean to wall to wall blue skies.


Today we actually have that amazing, damp, green, freshly washed look you see when heavy rain has just stopped .

I really do love it when the bricks of the patio wall are wet and they gleam with that beautiful deep red colour and my flowers look refreshed and glowing.  Newly minted just for me!


I put the usual bread out for the birds this morning but there were, regretfully, two  extra items added.


After waking early,  I suddenly fancied some Warburton’s Potato Pancakes again, so I hopefully rooted around in the freezer and found two tucked away at the bottom.

Success, how great to find just what you want, just when you want it.


When I was ready to put the pancakes in the toaster, to bring them to the required  degree of hardness and dryness necessary for optimum satisfaction,  I could not separate them.

I decided to put them back in the wrapping and bang them on the wall to break them apart.   So far so good.


Then, I put them in the packet….and they fell straight out of the other end because it had been torn open too.


Now, I don’t know what you do when you drop food onto the floor.  When this happens to Big H, he just picks up the offending item, wipes it on his pants in a cursory fashion and eats it unconcernedly.

I have told him off for this many times over forty years but I am well aware that my training only works if I am in the room.  Otherwise no dropped foods are safe from him.

I, however, do not eat stuff that falls upon the ground, no matter how much I want it, so I sadly took out my two Warburton’s Potato Pancakes and put them on the wall for the birds.

They needed to be left  whole as they were still too hard to break into pieces.


On my way into the living room, with only a cup of tea for breakfast, I was distracted by the most terrible squawking and quarrelling coming from the birds outside.


There, on a shed, I saw several arguing birds crowding around a large crow who had a whole frozen pancake firmly in his beak.


He ended the fight by just flying away, pancake and all.

How wonderful is that.  They are so funny.

I am glad that I dropped my breakfast onto the floor.

Almost !


Have a lovely day.    Jx.

PS:  After such a beautiful start, this has ended up being one of the most frustrating fucking days I have experienced in a long time.

This computer is fucking fucked up!  It suddenly went bloody mad in the early morning and decided to wipe out every fucking word I had written, three bloody times, along with losing lines of writing, moving stuff onto different lines and finally, to cap it, totally freezing the cursor for bloody hours!

Luckily I went out for lunch, with a friend, for several hours in the middle of the day, or I would have smashed it!


Luckily dear Big H spent those intervening hours trying to mend it for me.

When I got back, he had managed to make it work, but only if I was careful and used a mouse.

I managed to get it done finally by 9.15 pm, but on my final check I discovered that it had cunningly removed four bloody lines again, all by it’s bloody self.

My God, this machine is a fucking critic too.

I think the fucking thing has been taken over by the Devil, I cannot believe it is not possessed.  I actually have a crashing headache now.


Well it’s going to get it tomorrow because Big H is going to buy me another one.

So there!



Calm down Jaksie, think of something beautiful.  Think of something lovely you can look forward too!  Something wonderful.


Oh yes, I called into Spar on the way back from my friend’s house and guess what I bought?


Roll on breakfast!

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