For The Traveller Who Wants Everything.



It is colder than ever today, as far as I am concerned, even though I seem to be wearing my sheepskin boots and my Puffa body warmer….(a steal from TK Max at £39.99 instead of £100, according to the ticket)….all of the time from getting up ’til bedtime.


Oh, and my black hat with the glitter in it too.


If this is the way our winter is going to proceed, then I might not last until December before I die of hypothermia!


I tell you what though, it certainly makes me think of long holidays, somewhere very hot.

Like India, for instance.

How do you fancy a holiday like that, in total and complete luxury of course, because I am too old for the ‘backpack, take it as you find it, eat like the locals etc’ type of adventure now.

I actually think that I always was!


How about a holiday with the Maharajas’ Express.

We are talking about totally luxurious 5 star hotel stuff here, where only the best will do.


This idea is the result of an idea developed by the joining of two partners.

One of whom is the British firm Cox, the up-market  travel operator.

The other is Kings and Indian Railways.

Their plan is for tourists to travel in stress-free luxury around any part of the 63,000km of India’s railways, to take in all of the wonderful heritage sites, while being waited on hand and foot.

Obviously there are all modern requirements needed by the modern traveller, such as wireless internet, plasma screen TV and en-suite bathrooms.


As for the dining.

It sounds excellent, with restaurant cars offering both Western and Indian haute cuisine dining experiences.

On specially commissioned golden plates no less.


At present there are fully guided journeys available.

This seems to include just about everything you could wish for, even a celebrity guest lecturer for each  journey, and daily guided excursions to amazing places, and sometimes dining with their Maharajahs.


You can also become accustomed to the ‘afternoon tiffin’ habit.


That looks like something completely different for the people who have tried everything else.

There are some fabulous things to see.

Do you want to do it yourself!

I would not mind at all….shame I didn’t win the £113m.




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