Friday Again.

Good Morning,


Hopefully I find you well again today.


I was up quite early this morning and I found it very cold.

The central heating had not yet switched on, so I am wearing not only my own tiger-skin dressing gown, but also Big H’s blue one.

The weather is still often lovely, with clear, pale blue skies, but it is now very, very chilly at the beginning and end of the days.

We are definitely going to go and get a new electric blanket as soon as possible.


Over the years, I have read a lot about the bad effects of having electrical fields around you as you sleep, from items such as plug- in clocks, electric blankets and the like, but it is not much good avoiding all those things if you are found frozen to death one morning. Better to risk being electrocuted. by spilling my wine on the blanket

It is so miserable to go to bed and lie there shivering until you manage to warm the sheets up a bit.

I used to use poor old Big H as a hot water bottle but even he has become a lot less warm over the years.

We are just too old, to be cold.


Recently I have also noticed that all the crows/rooks are gathering together at nights, just before it gets dark, and taking flight in their hundreds, swooping and swirling through the sky for some minutes.

It is wonderful to watch them, but I think that they must also be a portent of winter’s approach, although a very beautiful one.


I have just begun wearing an old black bikers’ jacket that I inherited from Big H.

It is very thick leather, with heavy quilting on the inside, and it is definitely extremely warm on our evening walks.

I have to admit that it is far too big and you cannot see my hands at all, but that is also useful if you are more interested in being toasty instead of fashionable.

It is quite funny really, to experience the sideways glances and dirty looks from people, when you wear such a garment.

They have obviously bought into the whole Hell’s Angels connotation and I seem to be transformed by the garment into a dangerous old bag with a long history of hell-raising and human sacrifice.

I just wish I could crochet.  Then I could stand there doing that at the same time as looking so degenerate, and really confound the daft old Tut-Tut’s. (my pet name for those people who disapprove of just about everything that other people do, except for the Guardian crossword and having sex in the Missionary position on a Friday evening…if there is a blue moon.)


Question for the knowledgeable amongst you…what on earth is a blue moon…it must be possible because it is such an old, frequently used saying!

I must watch for one.


Today I have got blocked sinuses and a painful chest.  Due, I am quite sure, to my sanding of the skirting boards in Mr T’s old bedroom and then putting on a first coat of gloss paint yesterday.

I have a problem with various things now, including dust and fumes, as well as dogs, but this too shall pass, and at least it gets the job done.


I was also sensible enough to be old fashioned and just use an ordinary brush to do the painting, cos we all know what happens if you don’t!


We are finishing off the house so that we can go somewhere a bit warmer once Big H retires next year.

He has more of a problem with the weather here since he spent so much time abroad working in extremely hot and humid conditions.

As you know, I do not think that we should move abroad, but somewhere like Cornwall might be good.


Our future plans are an open book, so that is quite exciting as I like change, preferably for the better of course!


Have a fine day yourself,

It’s Friday..Drinkies!!!!!!

Lots of love


By the way, I am just kidding about wishing I could crochet….Life is too short to learn to do that!

Even on a UK holiday!

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