From The Darkest North.

Good Morning Peeps,


That is just an everyday greeting of course, which has nothing whatever to do with the sort of day that we are having up here.


It is nine o’clock am, and I still need to have the living room light on in order to be able to read comfortably.

I hate it being this dark during the days, and have no idea how the people living further north can stand having their world without light for such long periods of time.

And what about Vitamin D levels in the body….perhaps that is why Scandinavians are often such fabulous looking pale blonds!


I had a huge Danish boyfriend myself, when I was young.

He was very very blond, and extremely handsome, but he was not big on humour.

He was a very serious person indeed, but that may have been from spending too much time in the dark!!!!

It would definitely make me less silly I think, if I had to experience that, if not downright bloody depressed!


In order to beat the chill, Big H has just bought me two more pairs of huge black sheepskin boots, so that I will not be caught short when my present ones wear out.

The backs of them are already somewhat worn down and they are looking shockingly stained and shabby.


I don’t even want to think about the chilblains that I used to suffer from in the wintertime before I discovered there were UGG copies to be had.

It may not be very stylish but I wear them every day from the onset of the cold weather, and the horrible draughts under the door, until the warm weather re-appears once more the following year.

It roughly works out at one pair per year….and well worth every penny we spend on them.


Big H just toughs the winter out by wearing a lot of his bigger jumpers, along with the added help of his ‘La Z Boy’chair.

If you remember, we actually bought it to bought to keep him warm in the years before the hospital experts finally discovered what was wrong with him, and sorted him out .

He just switches on the heat, along with an added back massage if he feels like a little extra spoiling, and then relaxes and goes with the flow.


They are quite expensive chairs, and ugly to boot, but they do work very well!

He also keeps the detritus for his daily injections in the hollow arms, and that makes life easier for him, as well as keeping things a lot tidier generally.


Today is not very appealing looking, but if the rain stays away we may go out and get our eye tests….no, on second thoughts it is a Saturday, so we will most probably wait until next week when all of you ‘not yet decrepit people’ are busy at work!

And when some of you ‘almost decrepit’ people are getting on the wrong bus altogether.


Have yourself a fine weekend with a good dollop of fun in it,

Take Care,








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