From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.



Oh dear, it is all over now.

No more exotic tropical weather for us.

Yesterday became damp and grey by lunchtime and as the afternoon progressed it got much colder again.

Oh well, never mind, it is not as if we are not used to it is it!


At the moment though, Big H and I are many shades darker and a lot healthier looking.


I don’t know what you have been doing but we had a quiet day again yesterday and I do not expect today to be a lot busier, but you never know!


We had one last trip out in the car, with the top down, while the sun was still blazing.

It was stupendous!

Up here in Northumberland we are very near to the Roman Wall, which was built by the Emperor Hadrian, in order to divide the country and keep out the Picts and Scots.

What a piece of history it is, stretching from Wallsend.


We started out along the Military road, which is absolutely straight for miles and miles, and just kept on going for ages.

On the way we passed all sorts of visitor centres such as Vindolanda and Housesteads Roman Fort ….., but we just kept on going.


We saw the now very famous tree at Sycamore Gap near Once Brewed, which was used in the fight scene in the Robin Hood film….Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves.

That is one very beautiful vista indeed!

Having mentioned Robin Hood, I should really show you a trailer for the new Russell Crowe version, made by Ridley Scott.



Eventually we were passing very little traffic at all and the scenery was wild and breathtaking on all sides.

We drove along a road where coaches are forbidden to travel and finally stopped for some time to drink in the views around us.



What a place.

What a day.




3 Responses to “From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.”

  1. nelly says:

    Glad to see you’re out and about having some great time while the weather is (was?!) good.

    we’re dying of humidity here.
    last week, it was – 1 and we had our heavy coats on. As I type now, it’s +38 C and humid..

    no wonder we’re all squirrely up here.

    have a great humpday!

    • Jaksie says:

      Hey Nelly,

      It was great weather here while it lasted but I am hoping for more of the same.
      Some of the forecasts do promise that it will be, so we may be lucky!

      Yesterday there was the most torrential rain during the afternoon, but we still went to Tynemouth for fish and chips, ‘cos if you wait for good weather here then you will never get to do anything much at all.

      You seem to be having weird weather yourself, but perhaps that is more or less normal where you are?

      What is the definition of humpday?
      It is the second time that you have used the expression in our corresponding, but I have no idea!
      I did try to look it up and so far it seems to be a way to describe a Wednesday eg. the ‘hump’ of the week.
      That seems sensible….or am I just in a muddle!!!!

      With such eccentric sounding weather, I don’t suppose that you have improved your tan yet either!
      Poor ‘fing.

  2. nelly says:

    humpday is wednesday indeed. office slang for “we’re almost at the weekend”. the theory being monday and tuesday are rough, whereas wed. is spent in anticipation of thursday and finally friday.

    it’s a crap state of affairs to wait for 2 day sand spend 5 counting down.
    i should just be honest and say i dislike 9-5 work arrangements, and would rather have a more hedonistic lifestyle. alas, the requirements of the job dictate that i be present, whether or not efficient is another matter entirely. it’s still very much a punch-in punch-out working mentality out here.

    the weather is topsy turvy… we get heat, then bouts of rain.

    have a great weekend =)

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