Ghosts Trapped In Bottles Are Sold At Auction.


Whoahh….spooky things are abroad!


Did you know that two glass bottles, said to contain the ghosts of an old man and a young girl, have just been sold for $2,000 on a New Zealand auction site called Trademe.


The owner of the auctioned bottles was said to be a woman called Avie Woodman.

Apparently, her haunted house had been cleansed after an exorcism, which had caused the two ghosts to be trapped in vials of holy water.


After a Ouija Board session the lady said that her home became haunted and caused her to be unable to sleep or live normally in her house.

Her dog had been disturbed and a young family member had had a visitation from a little girl while sleeping there.

Once the ghosts hed been trapped in the bottles in July 2009, the disturbances had stopped completely.


This was not the first such auction to have taken place.

Previously, in 2004, Michael Jackson was said to have been bidding for an Irish ghost which had also been trapped in a bottle.


A family called McMenamin moved into a mill house in Spamount in the 1950’s.

The house was said to have been haunted by the ghost of the original owner who had committed suicide in the 1800’s.

A local priest had carried out an exorcism about a hundred years before and had trapped the ghost in a bottle which he sealed with a page from the bible.

The bottle had then been sealed into a window, where Mr McMenamine, a retired mill worker, had later discovered it.


Apparently his family had been subject to strange happenings during their time living in the house.

The man was said to want to finally be rid of the responsibility of looking after the item, which he had discovered cemented into the window twenty five years before.

This was the bottle that an agent of Michael Jackson was said to be trying to buy at the auction.


What can you say to stuff like this.


The only spirit I want to find in a bottle is Jack Daniels!!


Have a spooky- free day yourself.




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