Good To Be Green.

Good morning .

I felt the need to share this with you.

I have been reading about a wonderful new breakthrough in being Green.

This concerns a new washing machine which is coming on to the  commercial market.

The machine uses a new technology which was  developed over many years by Stephen Burkinshaw at the University of Leeds.


The washing machine runs on a small amount of detergent and only needs enough water to form the needed humid conditions eg. about one cupful.

The actual cleaning of the garments is carried out by thousands of little nylon polymer beads which replace the rest of the water that would normally be required.

The  detergent and water dampens the clothes and causes the stains and dirt to loosen, while creating the water vapour that allows the re-usable beads to do their job and attract and absorb the dirt.

Once the washing cycle is completed, the beads fall through a mesh in the machine’s drum where they wait to be used again and again for anything up to one hundred washes.

What is even more amazing is that the clothes come out of the machine just about totally dry. This therefore cuts out the need for great amounts of tumble drying , which in turn saves money on household electricity bills etc


The company behind this innovative product is called Xeros.

Unfortunately, it seems we will all have to wait quite some time before we can buy a machine for the home, because the firm’s main intention is to  make moves towards licencing their technology out to the the  Dry Cleaning market, in order to make their name, before producing for the domestic consumer market.

This could definately be a world beater.

This process has already begun, because Xeros say that they have negotiated to sign a deal with GreenEarth Dry Cleaning in America.

It is a good start and I am seriously hoping that the movement towards living in a greener way continues to grow quickly.

I can’t wait.

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