Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.



I watched a film with Big H last night, starring Colin Farrell.

It was the sort of blockbuster type thing that Big H likes a lot.

I was going to go to bed and read a book instead, but Colin turned out to be very pretty, so I ‘sort of’ watched it’, although I have no idea what the plot was about .

And, most definitely, the answer to the great question would be a ‘ yes’…. I found him to look a lot like Sean Connery….and that can never be a bad thing….unless you are a woman of course!


The most exciting thing that I have done lately is to get annoyed with my hair, and then cut it.


It happened on Sunday afternoon when I had just finished my book and then decided to have a bath.

When I looked in the mirror I thought that my hair looked a mess and went to get the scissors.

It is now about eight inches shorter and looks a lot more boring, but much tidier.

I like a change now and then, after all, if I never tried any different styles I would now be looking outlandish by still sporting the large beehive that I had in the sixties.

Big H says that my new haircut looks ‘fine’, but then again, he likes long hair.


Today, should the weather stay dry, we will try to go along to the garden to cut the grass and do some much needed weeding.

Unfortunately, all of this warm and damp weather seems to have made the weed population expand madly…. but I have had one outstanding garden success.


Mr T gave me a section, with roots, from a wonderful old rose bush, which I then carried home and planted out a few years ago.

This year it has suddenly sprouted strongly and we have had the pleasure of seeing clusters of beautiful pink roses.



Enjoy your Tuesday.



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