Harrod’s Could Not Do It Better.



OMG …. what a STELLAR day.


The grass is neon green, the sky is luminously blue, and everything is even better than perfect.

Do you know, if you ordered a perfect day from Harrods, they could not do it better,

And it is totally free!


This morning, after breakfast, Big H and I went around to the garden to continue the spring tidy-up, and we have rarely had a better idea.

We have had a wonderful morning which ended up with both of us lying on the newly mown grass reading our Kindles while toasting ourselves in the sunshine.


Big H then suggested that we come back home so that he could make us some lunch.

It turned out that he had a real urge to eat some poached eggs on buttered toast.

I mean, I am not going to disagree am I, especially as he is preparing it for us.


I thought that I would just have time to write you a post before the food is ready and say that I hope that you are also having a similarly fine day …. possibly minus the eggs of course!


Later Big H is going back to continue with his pursuit of a fine suntan, but I may just stay here and laze about doing nothing.

It will all depend upon how full I feel after the meal, ‘cos I also intend to have my usual ‘2 pint mugs of Lapsang’ overload.

Hey, I know that my tea consumption is excessive but there are worse addictions and I do not have any sugar or milk in it either.


Yesterday, I did read that this amazing weather is not going to last much longer and that we can expect snow at Eastertide …. but hey, nothing’s perfect for ever!








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