Hopefully We Have A Bargain!

Good Morning To You All,


Middle of the week now people, halfway to the weekend.

See how time flies when you are being good!


Today is due to be an exciting day for us.

We are BOTH up early, waiting for the arrival of our new laptop.  Of course, in the best of British traditions, it could arrive at any time between 7am and about 4pm.

I lose count of the times I have had to wait in the house all day long for goods that finally and frustratingly get here at about 5pm.

I bet this is the only country that would put up with not always being provided with a set window of delivery time during the day.

We are too fond of being obedient, standing in long queues waiting our turn, and of never complaining or wanting to make a fuss.


Anyway, I digress.


Perhaps you may remember the many, many, many times that our old computer acted like the Spawn Of The Devil, totally bullied me and made my life a place of great frustration.

I kept threatening it with immediate replacement, followed by a quick trip out to the bin, but could never actually afford to get rid of it.

Over the past few weeks it has been getting worse and worse, to the point where we finally had to do something about it because it has totally stopped being in the least bit sensible and it takes hours to do the simplest of tasks.


That left us with a bit of a problem because the price of something good, a recent model with the highest definition screen available, is horrendously expensive.

Big H had to start searching around….and quickly.


Eventually he came across a site called  ‘UK Laptops Limited’,  an on-line site which sells excess and refurbished Dell laptops.

He finally chose one of the latest model laptops with very high 1920 x 1200 definition…..at less then half the price of a new one!


Is this wise.

We shall see.

Luckily there is a seven day return policy, enforced by the European Union I believe, so fingers crossed!


Hopefully it will be an all singing and all dancing success, because it will mean that when I force Big H to do some artwork for me he can do a proper job of it in future.


And so we wait!

And wait.


Have a good one’



PS. Oh-Oh, I need to make a small apology to UK Laptops Limited and the delivery service they use.

Big H has received a message to tell him that as his delivery is due today, they have decided upon a one hour delivery slot at lunchtime.

Isn’t that great.

What a modern and civilised firm…now we can make some plans to go out this afternoon and buy a small computer desk for the new addition to the family, in order to reduce the possibilities of any accidental bangs and knocks.

Hopefully it will live long and prosper!

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