How Are You Today. Any Presents?



It sounds like a birthday card when I start like that!

I have never realised that before, but you know what I mean to convey.

A hearty, satisfied mood would be what I am aiming for today, but if it is your birthday then I wish you a very, very happy one and I hope that you get lots of presents…new ones!


Actually, this would not be the best time of year to have arranged your birthday because we are still in a world of people who have possession of lots of horrible, unwanted Christmas gifts and lots of festive bills to be paid.

A very bad balance for those of you who need a present.

What on earth were you thinking of…..but you have nobody to blame but yourself have you!


I, on the other hand, was extremely clever to arrange for my own need for presents to happen mid-year, when those who are forced to give me one have already given all of their dubious bath salts and nylon nighties to you.

There must also be some of you Capricorns who actually recieve a present which you are horrified to find is your own naff, cheap gift to that very same unfortunate person for the Christmas just gone.

Well, what can I say except  ‘That will teach you’.

In future try to give them gifts that you would actually like to receive ….and then you might have better luck.


Some people are just hopeless though.

You know that over time you have plainly said that you HATE certain colours and would NEVER wear them, even if your life depended on it, because they DEPRESS you.

You Never wear man-made fibres, because they cling and crackle and make sparks in the dark.

Why do you then continuously receive brown or blue acrylic crap that you could NEVER EVER wear.

Are they deaf!

Do they hate you.

Or are they just extremely old, and deaf, and they also hate you!


They hear you say many times that no way would you EVER wear plastic jewellery because you like at least semi precious stones, in silver settings. because you believe they act with the body.

And that you would NEVER wear base metals.

And that you still DETEST brown.

With these people you can be sure that they are clearing out the brown plastic jewellery from the Accessorise sale at this very moment….all for you!


Never mind, they say it is the thought that counts, which will explain why everyone will be getting recyled brown plastic jewellery and hideous acrylic jumpers from me this year.

After all it is good to recycle….it is good to be green.

The planet will appreciate it even if nobody else does.


Be happy and have a great day.


J x


And for those of you who know me, and who read this….JUST GET ME A GOOD SODDING BOOK!

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