How Good Can It Get.

Hello, Hello,


How good is it today!


This is the most beautiful morning I have woken up to in such a long time.

Even the birds are exulting in it.

I have never heard such a joyful morning chorus.


The sky is an amazing Disney blue, from one corner to the other, with not a single cloud in sight.

Not to mention that the sun, which is bleaching in through the windows, is HOT!

My god, it is truly glorious.

I feel wonderful.


This morning I cannot think of anything else.

I don’t care what we do today, I just want to enjoy the look of it all, for as long as it lasts.

It feels like barbecues and summer and white linen trousers all at the same time!


Do you know, this is the first time in many years that I have remembered Cat Stevens singing ‘Morning Has Broken.’

It just suddenly seems so appropriate at this moment.



Wherever you may be, I wish you sunshine too.

With Love,



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