Hush, hush, whisper who dares.

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I believe that if you have an earth moving brainstorm and you discuss it with others, then the idea  ‘floats free’  up in the ether, where it can be picked up by another person.


If this is a new idea, then the other person begins to work upon it as if it is theirs.

I think that this is why new developments such as photography  ( William Henry Fox Talbot, Louis Daguerre)  or light bulbs  (Thomas Edison and Joseph Wilson Swan)  all evolve at the same time.


Even in my own case it applies.

We  always kept dogs for the last forty years and I used to grumble constantly that we could not see them on a dark night .

One day I had a brainstorm, and thought that if there was a collar that lit up then I would be able to see exactly where our dog was in the night, without worrying that something  bad could happen to him.

I told Big H about it and asked him if it was possible to make something like this that would do the job. and he said that it would be possible.

I said that we should patent the idea  but Big H said that you needed to patent the actual working item so that no one else can do it that way.  Of course I then asked him if we could do it.

“WE could do it,” was the exasperated reply, ” but I have enough to do just earning a living without spending my spare time trying to invent your ideas.  If you are that interested then YOU do it YOURSELF “.

As if.  I am artist not  an inventive scientific type.  So it went no further except for me coming up with a name for it.


And the name I thought up  was brilliant.

I C U.


A  few years later what should happen but that these things began to come onto the market.

Perhaps this is something a bit like Jung’s collective unconscious.


Big H thought of water beds when we first met ,along with various car and boat improvements which are now in general production, but it was a long winded and expensive process to patent ideas  in those days.  Especially if you were going from red to red at the end of each month.

Who knows, perhaps in a few years when he is retired, we can invent something new and get it developed and patented for once.  That would be fun.

So, if you have an innovative idea don’t even tell yourself about it.




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