I Can Do The Little Coloured Bits Now.

Hello to you dear peeps,

and to your dogs, cats, budgies, and various other dependents and friends.


As it is only seven o’clock upon a fine Bank Holiday Monday, I am sitting here in almost total silence.  Just the odd car passing by the house, and even the crows seem to be eating their morning bread in a peaceable fashion for a change.

Yesterday it rained all day, so it felt very cosy indoors, listening to the gusts of wind thrashing waves of water across the windows.


Usually, I make Big H and myself something to eat at about six on a Sunday, but he surprised me yesterday by making us a mid day feast of Pasta with Pesto and tinned red salmon.

To accompany this, he went totally berserk and spent £9.50 on a bottle of Wolf Blass, Yellow Label Chardonnay, at the Spar shop.

Now, I know that this type of thing probably counts for nothing in the world of wine, but  I am speaking as a 3 bottles for £10 type of drinker!!

However it was quite nice.


Well it is now 9.45am and I have just been subjected to a long tutorial by Mr T.


He rang me because he was up early and had looked at my site.

He noticed that I have been using the very old method of putting stars beside any references I was making to previous posts, and then giving the full information down at the end of the page.


I have to tell you peeps that I am now totally modernised.

I can now insert the name of something into my text….in a different colour….and it can be clicked upon to enable the reader to go there immediately.


HOW IMPRESSIVE IS THAT>>>>ALL DONE BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If anyone out there was accessing the site during that learning period this morning, and was wondering why I kept uploading pages of nonsense ( what is different about that?), with lots of red bits, and then instantly removing them again….I do apologise.

That was me doing my homework under Mr.T’s watchful eye.

Thank you, Mr.T!


Now, I am so flushed with power that I  can no longer remember what I was going to write.  I must have Alzheimers.


Testing, testing, testing.

We have lift off.


God, isn’t life a blast.


Lots of love,


I hope that you get to use your extra day to it’s utmost.x

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