I Could Be A Vampire.

Good morning peeps,


Once more I was unable to sleep all night long, yet now that it is almost 9am I am going to have to go to bed for a rest.

How weird is that when I had all last night to do it in and I did work very hard yesterday….and I was tired.


I was just thinking that I am not the only person who is like this….so….perhaps we are all the somewhat confused descendants of the old time Vampires.

How would that be, always assuming that there were Vampires in the first place of course, but the old myths and stories must be based on something that was different in prehistory.

Either that or they were very good storytellers back then.

Sort of early Jackie Collins perhaps!


Have you actually noticed how strong the interest is in that sort of thing at the moment.

All of the Anne Rice type novels and television serials, and the 1994 success of Interview With A Vampire, starring Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat De Lioncourt and Brad Pitt as the sad Louis.

What a stunningly good film that is.
If anyone has not seen it then they must do so immediately.


Did you know that there have been various unconfirmed rumours over the years off plans afoot for a Tom Cruise sequel?

However that may not happen because there have been recent talks of Tom’s role as Lastat being revived by Robert Downey Jnr, in The Vampire Chronicles.

Boooo, I like Tom Cruise better!


Did you see the more camp Lestat who was portrayed in the  2002 version, The Queen Of The Damned, starring Stuart Townsend?

Is it only me who thinks he looks just like Kiera Knightly?



That ‘plans afoot ‘bit sounded more like Sherlock Holmes I think.

Did he ever star in a film about Vampires….I shall check that for you now….

…..just talk amongst yourselves for a moment….

….yes he did….

The Last Vampyre. 1993, and there could be more.


Not to mention all of those wonderful cheesy Christopher Lee films made by the Hammer House Of Horror.


Recently we watched The Vampire’s Assistant and it was greatly entertaining.

Yes, we are still as fascinated as the people were long ago.

If there are Vampires now, they would be quietly amongst us because they would not survive otherwise in this world, it would be foolish to act otherwise.

How amusing they would they find our fascination for them and our disbelief in them!


Obviously we have a great need of the exotic in a sometimes too regulated and well known world.


Have a good and happy one….and no biting!



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