I Was A Bad Fairy!

Good Morning,


Coming to you from a still very hot and sunny part of the UK.

It is tremendous to have continuous weather which is as good as this.

We are being spoiled.

I suppose that the only downside of it, if there is a downside, is that I am having to water my patio plants every day to keep them from drying out, but as I like looking at them it is not a problem.

Basically this heat is a lovely change and I have gone so far as to put away my winter woolies….and that does not often happen here!


As this is a Sunday, it will begin in the usual way once Big H has arisen, with tea and a long leisurely read of the Sunday paper.

Then he will do the Sudoku in order to keep his brain working well….at least in a mathematical way….and then the world is our lobster.


We have recently been invited to a fancy dress party which is to be held at a stately home type of venue, along with a champagne reception, a delicious banquet and dancing to follow.

This has led us to do a bit of research into Georgian costume and costume hire.


It should be good fun because it will include white powdered wigs and panniered skirts…Big H will be missing out on the skirts of course.

He would be wearing something like a frock coat with satin knee length pants, white stockings and heeled and buckled shoes.

A bit like Cinderella and Prince Charming really!

Definitely an appointment to look forward to.


The last time I was in fancy dress I was a bad fairy.

That entailed a black headdress like the Statue of Liberty, black long fingernails, black wings and a long fitted black dress.

I was a bad fairy too…I got totally drunk and felt as if I was dying!


So, how is your weekend progressing.

Is it fun, if not then do something that you like to cheer yourself up.

Have a good one,



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