Ice And Fire.



What weird weather we are having here at the moment.


Yesterday, the mood changed at midday, when the skies darkened and became very low and heavy.

Then the snow began falling with a vengeance.

it was also extremely windy, so that we watched the huge snowflakes flying sideways past the windows.

And so it continued unabated.


When we finally went to bed, (and thank goodness for the electric blanket!), the snow was mixed with heavy rain so nothing was left lying at that point in the proceedings.


So, then we cut to this morning, when I was astounded by wall-to-wall blue skies once again.

It looked wonderful from inside the house at least.

Later on, when we went for a walk, we were greeted by a strong and bitterly cold wind but it still looked beautiful.

Very strange weather when you think that we were all sunbathing in topically hot sunshine just a few days ago!


What else has been going on here then?

Actually not a lot really, except for quite a bit of television viewing and film watching.


I have recently enjoyed watching the ‘Game Of Thrones’, which was a top class American TV series starring my old secret pleasure Sean Bean as the ruler of the North.

Luckily for me I got to watch the last of the five DVD’s last night, snuggled up warm during the aforementioned awful weather.

What an excellent watch, and most beautifully done.

It is based on the ‘A Song Of Fire And Ice’ series of Fantasy books written by George R.R. Martin.

Big H did not previously enjoy this author’s books because he found them hard to get into and enjoy, but the series is really fantastic.


I was pleased to read that the second in the series is soon to be shown over there …. then hopefully it will quickly make its way over here.


I have to say that if you are going to be huddled up in a snow-covered house, then watching that series is one of the good bits.

Hoping the having a stree-free day yourself.



.at you ar

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