Insomniacs Inc.



Well, here I am again, up in the middle of the night….almost quarter to three, no-one in the place etc… Frank Sinatra used to say!


I did go to bed sensibly at half past twelve, but Big H came with me and lay there reading for longer than me.

I tried to go to sleep but I missed the mood, and woke up again instead, then had to lie there with the room all lit up when I actually like to go to sleep in the dark.


Big H eventually put his bedside light off but the situation rapidly got worse because he decided to give one of his masterclasses in shuddering.

So there I was, wide awake, timing his all-body shudders, which take place every twelve seconds and make the bed bounce….like clockwork.

That passed another interminable passage of hard time until I eventually decided to just give in and get up.


Of course that made all of my silver bangles rattle, and there are a startling number of them, which woke Big H up again.

‘What are you doing,’ came his plaintive cry.

‘Getting up,’ was the extremely grumpy reply.

Ah, the joys of married conversation!


So anyway, I am about to go downstairs and make myself lots of toast and Marmite and a huge pot of tea, as a sort of edible consolation prize for myself.

Now I shall not only be tired, I shall get fat as well!


Tomorrow promises to be amusing though, because we are going out in the morning to have our fittings for the Georgian costumes….ready for the fancy dress party….and I am dying to see how they look.

Of course mine won’t fit will it!

Because of all of the night-time toast I have been eating, because I am turning into a bloody insomniac.


I have just had a thought.

Perhaps I should invest in a sleeping mask, then I could pretend that the light is off and the room is dark.

It could be made of black satin, with a few bits of diamante on it, and a couple of tiny roses…. and a bow.


That’s a plan!


Have a good day tomorrow (today now) yourself.

And I wish you a good night’s sleep tonight too.




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