It Does Not Have To Be All Gloomy.

Hello Again,


It is Tuesday now and if I cannot get up soon I shall go around the bend totally.

It must be awful for those poor people who are actually bedridden, especially if they cannot escape onto the Internet.

I am thinking even more strongly now that very old people should be given sturdy and simple computers to use in their homes….with tutoring ’til they get acclimatised to the idea.


What an excellent thing that would be.


It is well known that old people get housebound and lonely and that this can cause them to deteriorate mentally and physically.

What a difference to be able to travel the world and watch stuff happen all over it in real time.

And see beautiful things.

Travel does not have to be done physically does it!


At the very leas,t they could chat with similar people and perhaps enjoy a little romantic flirtation, or even find themselves a new partner.

It would probably help save a fortune for the NHS.


It would also be a way for them to complain about bad treatment and problems in nursing homes etc., instead of being marooned and helpless.

They could also keep up to date with the news and current events etc. etc. etc….and porn if they want it too.


Talking of porny things….I am getting really sick of getting so many spammy comments on my site which are total crap….and they just keep coming every day.

Penis enlargement.

Viagra tablets cheap

Drugs online.

Porn sites.

Sites with supposedly nude pictures of various actresses

Supposed comments from supposed real people, which are actually from advertising sites,

And some of these bloody things are about 18″ long too.


I get bored and exasperated with it and have probably wiped out ones from actual real people too, for which I do apologise…but that will teach you to write to me about real things and not about your penis enlargements and your use of Viagra and steroids!


I think I shall sign off now and await my breakfast.

I hope that it is ‘doorsteps’ and Marmite again today.




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