It’s A Grey Day.



Isn’t grey  a funny word.

I sometimes spell it gray too, but the spellcheck always underlines it as incorrect, whereas the dictionary tells me that either spelling is acceptable.

Anyway, if I do it the way the spellcheck wants, then it leaves me alone so I have succumbed to it’s bullying.

Perhaps it is just another example of the slight difference between American and British spelling.


As you have probably gathered, this is a very grey day indeed.

There has been rain, which has luckily cleared away all of the dirty slush, so at least the pavements here are clear again.

The sky however is so low that you could almost bump your head on it, so who knows which way the weather will go.

My poor hyacinths are sitting in their pots and still bravely showing their plump green shoots, so I am hoping that they will continue to be fine whatever happens.


I cannot see any point in planning to get out and about today, except for a quick walk at some more promising point.

So I think that we will probably just snuggle down and read our books again.


At the moment I am reading ‘The Messiah Code’, written by Michael Cordy which is quite good.

I read on the back of the cover that the book was previously published under the title of ‘The Miracle Strain’ in 1997.

I expect that the change was made to attract the people who enjoyed ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and all of the other books of that type.

It is funny the fashions in storytelling, now there is great demand for books and film about Vampires too.


Big H is currently enjoying  ‘The Assassin’, written by Stephen Coonts, which he tells me is about Islamic fundamentalists.

This is not the sort of book I would be quick to pick up but he does enjoy a good adventure.

Usually I cannot read the stuff he does because they are full of pages of descriptions of planes, ships, computers and all of their intricate workings… I rapidly get lost off and bored because I have no real understanding of technology at all.

Perhaps it is a boy’s thing!


I shall have to think about lunch now


We have recently developed a taste for warm chapatti wraps filled with ham and salad. Very yummy!


So there we have it, my day is planned, except for surprise happenings of course.

I hope that your day goes well for you too.


Be Happy,



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