It’s A Winner.

Good Morning Dear Peeps,


What a fine morning we have up here in the North of England.

There are hazy skies, arguably a bit grey, and odd bits of sunshine….but it feels warm!


There will not be a lot going on here today but we may manage a little walk later if Big H is feeling up-to-it.

He will have a busy day tomorrow because we have to make yet another hospital visit, and we will do shopping on the way home too if we can.

Due to my dislike of shopping we are running out of stuff again, including green tea.

We have a lot of builder’s tea left, which we keep for builders- funnily enough, but it is a very strong tea when you don’t use sugar or milk!


I intend to go and have a proper ferret about through the back of the kitchen cupboards once I have done my post and hopefully I might find a few forgotten old bags to keep us going until tomorrow.

Unfortunately the modern taste for green tea has not really reached our local Spar, apart from the odd offer from Twining’s

Which they have ‘once-in -a-blue-moon’.


Talking of ferrets, which I am actually visually familiar with, because a female friend of mine  keeps quite a few of them.

If you were distressed by this year’s Grand National, as so many were, then here is a little light relief from the world of Alternative Sporting.


There is a Heritage Centre and Country Park at the site of Bosworth Battlefield, near Sutton Chaney in Leicestershire.

This being the site of the famous battle between King Richard III  and Henry Tudor, and of course Henry Tudor won!


Well, The Bosworth Centre holds various events all through the year.

Last weekend they staged a wonderful event, which was a ‘Ferret Grand National’ Race.


The course at the old battlefield was set up like Aintree, with it’s own obstacles, such as the infamous Becher’s Brook and The Chair jumps.

The course for the ferrets being a similar series of fences which the contenders then ‘race’ over under the critical eyes of their ‘assistants’.


I liked this idea much more than the usual ferret race practice of having the racers run through tubes etc.

This time each entrant was personally attended by two volunteer children.

These helpers guided the animals around an open track on the grounds, one holding the lead and the other using a quantity of treats to encourage their special racer to move along quickly and win.


As it was a race, spectators were given the opportunity to sponsor their favourite would-be winner for 50p, in the hope of winning a token prize.

It all depended on which of the contestants looked the most likely to be the fastest of all.

There were many to choose from, such as the White Boar, Lugless Douglas or even Amble Inn or the Silver Bullet.


And the winner was ….Silver Bullet.

Well done that ferret….and his assistants.


Perhaps he will win again next year, except he may obviously be too fat from all the treats, to take part then!




Events Calender At Bosworth….Link.

They actually won a bronze award for ‘small visitor attraction’ from the Midlands Tourist Awards, and there is also a gift shop and the Tithe Barn restaurant available to their visitors.


Link to a site that tells you good stuff about ferrets….Link

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