The sun’s rays finally reached to the edge of the pond, reflecting brightly on the shards of glass scattered randomly on the grass, relics of a summer picnic years ago. The water itself was unpleasantly stagnant in an unbelievably lurid shade of green.

As the dawn brightened a little more, the scenery became clear.

It was not a pretty spot but there are many worse ones.

The trees that stumpily edged the water had a tired out look to them, accentuated by the varying lengths of dirty nylon rope dangling from the sturdier branches, relics of many games of derring-do acted out by succeeding generations of small, grubby boys.

Beyond the pond was a wasteland of bracken and grass disturbed only by the movement of tiny, busy creatures.


Not a person was visible in the drab landscape, not a one.

Well no, actually that was not strictly true.

There was someone there, except that they were well hidden.

A few hundred metres to the left of the largest tree, the one with two stark white limbs reaching blindly upwards to a disinterested sky, was a natural depression.

A kind of fissure between the crumbling layers of rock.


She was lying wedged in there, as though seeking protection from the cold wind blowing across the open countryside.

Arms and legs curled up to her front.

This modesty belied by the richly coloured evening dress daringly tossed up at the back, revealing the tenderly rounded bottom, soft  as a peach as well as being coloured like one.

A Mediterranean skin, delicately set with fine golden hairs, so inappropriate for this chilly landscape, especially in October.


The face was concealed completely by long, wavy hair, so dark as to be almost black.

It tumbled richly forward, it’s darkness relieved only by a gold earring, partially revealed through the gleaming strands.

Indeed the whole figure was arresting in it’s beauty, colourful fabric, gleaming hair, peachy skin. A modern goddess slumbering in a fairy dream.

Surely the creatures dwelling here must move with caution, not to wake this sleeping beauty.


There was a sudden movement beneath the glamorous outspread skirt as a sleek creature appeared out from underneath the hem, looking suspiciously about, whiskers stiff, before disappearing once again between the drawn up legs.


A hawk sounded with annoyance as it saw it’s intended victim reach safety so quickly, before proceeding on a long patrol.

The sky was a cold, opaque blue, not at all warmed by a distinctly watery sun.



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