Mind Control Is Sneaking Up On Us.


Just adding an Australian twist to the day again….perhaps it will encourage some sunshine.

We are grey and cold again here at the moment, but a little watery sunshine is peeping through every now and again, so I am hopeful.


Big H is doing well at the moment.

On the last hospital trip he actually saw his MRI scan shortly after it was done.

Unfortunately the pituitary gland was very large and spreading out on one side, but luckily not quite touching the optic nerve, which is excellent, as they had been worried about that because of the dangers.

They needed to have the proper readings done later by an expert but said that they may need to discuss an operation with him once that has been done.

I hope not!


He said it was a horrible experience having the scan because the noise is horrendous and it went on for about 40 minutes.

They did put some earphones on him first, before securing his head and putting a very tight fitting helmet on, then they play music to stop the sound.

Unfortunately the earphones are squeezed so tightly that he could only hear the music during the short pauses between the different sets of loud noises, and it was Queen anyway.


This morning he has gone to the doctor’s surgery to get his prescription filled out and be registered for refills in the future.

They have  added the Testosterone to the mix now, and he needs an injection every three weeks and then eventually every six months.

It is given in the bum.


So things are  improving for him slowly but surely and he is definitely looking ‘in the pink’ instead of a waxy white.


I have a question for you.

What makes us what we are?

Surely everything that happens to us makes us the individual we end up being.

Sometimes bad experiences must leave us feeling much more empathy with others, and affect our attitudes to life.


Recently the BBC’s Today programme was telling us that scientists are making the first steps towards removing people’s bad memories.

Those who have traumatic happenings in their lives may eventually be able to have them removed.

At present doctors are doing their research on rats but they are working out how to interfere with the way the brain sets it’s memories down.

Dr. Todd Sacktor and his team, of the State University of New York are using a drug called ZIP in order to permanently erase the memory of being given electric shocks from a rat’s mind.

Apparently a protein called PKMzeta plays a main role in forming memory in the brain and ZIP interferes with this process.


It could eventually lead to someone who has suffered an atrocity having their unbearable memory erased, perhaps along with the perpetrator of that memory also having their torment removed because they can no longer live with the guilt of what they have done.

A very strange situation indeed.

Is it the right thing?

Would we be interfering with our own very identity by doing this.


What may be a worry, is that mankind seems capable of terrible large scale atrocity if the conditions are right and it is the memory of these awful things that helps to keep these impulses in check.

If all memory is wiped out because it is so terrible to remember, will it take away important brakes upon it happening again.

Do we not try harder to be good if we know the horror of the truly bad.

Is that how we form our understanding of morality.


People try to excuse the bad things that they have done anyway and it is human nature to try and re-arrange the facts in a more acceptable light.

Should people be allowed to forget what they did and go on as if it had never happened.

As they did it once, and have no memory of it, what stops them doing it again.  Where is the restraint that guilt provides.

You cannot learn the lessons of history if there are none.


Repentance is a good thing, it leads to painful growth.


Sometimes science for the sake of science can be scary.


Have a brilliant one today!



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  1. nelly says:

    hey Jackie –
    just sending you some sunshine from Ottawa (a little unorthodox, but hey, we’ve been having insanely amazing weather for april!)

    Glad to hear your husband is one his way to recovery, hopefully he won’t need the surgery, but at least pinning the problem down helps with the solution. Best of luck xx I had an MRI done a few weeks ago and I can relate to the awkwardness of the situation, although I made a point of staying up really late the night before and essentially fell asleep in the machine so I didn’t notice too much 🙂

    have a great weekend !

    • Jaksie says:

      Ta Nelly, I need all the sunshine I can get!
      Glad to know you are not still freezing over there.

      You are so right about the sheer relief of finding out what Big H’s problem was, it was so frustrating for him not to know for so many years.
      Even now, after such a short time, he is looking and feeling better.

      You definately seen to have all the ‘niques down pat re. MRI’s.
      I hope that all is well with yourself!

      Always nice to hear from you.
      Take good care.

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