More Hope For Loch Ness Monster Hunters.



Well, here we go again, some things never die down for very long.


There is  huge excitement once more in Scotland.

Recently more possibilities have been raised in the vexing question about whether there actually is a real Loch Ness Monster or not.

This argument has been going on for many years and still has not been satisfactorily proved or disproved.


Things have recently heated up again, due to a tourist boat captain called Marcus Atkinson.

Recent reports say that when this gentleman was taking Sonar images of the Loch, he saw images of long- 5 foot wide creature– which seemed to be following the boat at a depth approaching 100 feet foot below the surface.


It seems that the shape was visible for a several moments as it tracked the craft.

This gave enough time for pictures to be taken.


No-one is sure what the readings actually showed, but monster hunters are extremely heartened by the news that their mysterious quarry may be a little nearer to finally being discovered..


This  is not the first time I have blogged about it of course ‘cos I love the possibility of mysteries and wonderments.


Perhaps this time …. or not?




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