More Of The Same.



And so it goes on …. and on.

We have a most wonderful day again today.

It is real designer stuff, with all of the things you would request if you were ordering one from a ‘blue skies’ provider.


Such enjoyable sunshine and heat.


I know that a lot of people are of the opinion that we are getting this strange weather because of the tragedy of Global Warming, and others feel that the end-of-the-world is very nigh, but that does not change the visible and enjoyable aspects of a day such as today.

It is happening and it is here to enjoy …. so, sufficient to the day it is.

I mean, if we spent the day lamenting the fact that it is happening, it would make no difference at all, except we would willfully ignore such beauty on one of the all-too-few days of our life.


It is like old ivory.


I have spoken to people who are of the opinion that all such historical ivory should be promptly destroyed because of how it was obtained, but surely that would be even more destructive to destroy it all, in that there would be nothing left to show of the wonder of those particular animals and the beauty of many of the resulting artefacts.

But it is hard to say, because their argument against that is that it makes them unbearably sad to see such things and remember what was done to so many animals.

There are so many points of view on so many disparate things.


Anyway, I have told you how I feel, and now Big H and I intend to have lunch soon and then enjoy a leisurely walk in the countryside.

It is also very beautiful at the moment, because all of the trees are slowly unfurling their fresh green leaves and everything is just bursting with new life.

I hope you also have the dream day of your own choice.





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