Mr. T Can SEE!

Hello to you.


I have some excellent and wonderful news to share with you all.


It has to do with eyes, and it happened this way.


My eldest son was unfortunate enough to inherit his eyesight from me, and not from his father.


At an early age he began to become shortsighted very quickly, and ended up needing glasses.

He put up with this for years, and ended up walking the long, and very annoying,  ‘speccy- four- eyes ‘ route through life.

This finally ceased with his purchase of contact lenses.


They are marvellous things and definately good for the self-image.  I wore some of the very first ‘hard’ ones  myself, when I was about 16 years old, in 1962.

What a difference that made to my life!


My glasses had been so thick that no girl in her right mind would have worn them.

My solution to that problem had been to go around with no glasses on at all.  Blind as a bat, looking pretty, but missing everything that happened more than six inches from the end of my nose.


Contact lenses were great.

Instead of saying “Yes” to an invitation to dance, only to find myself with a real humdinger once I got close enough to see him, I was able to scope out the room and ‘make eyes’ at someone that I really fancied the look of.

The world became my lobster.


But I digress.

So, after HBF* had had her eyes lasered successfully last year, my son began to seriously consider the prospect of undergoing the procedure himself.


I did not know that he had booked himself in to have the operation until a couple of weeks ago, when HBF let it slip during a conversation she was having with me.

When Mr. T heard this, he then took over the call, to explain that as Big H had been so ill for the past few years he had not wanted to cause him to worry.

In order to prevent that, he had been planning not to tell us after the operation had been carried out.

I could see his point, so I agreed not tell Big H either.

I only told myself.

I am excellent at keeping secrets!


Big H has no idea of the amount of money I spend upon clothes.

I see no reason to cause a man pain if it is not necessary to do so,


To continue.

The Big Day was Tuesday 25th,  Three days ago.

He was booked for a 2 o’clock appointment at the Clinic.


First, there were a couple of hours of last minute tests, and then he was zapped at 4.30pm.


After that he had to sit in a darkened room for a period of from one to one and a half hours.

Leaving for home some time between six and seven.

Going home in the car he kept his eyes shut.

He was being driven back home of course, not doing the driving.  That was done by courtesy of HBF.


He rang us once he had arrived home, got himself comfortable and finally opened his eyes.


I asked him when he had opened them, thinking there would have been a precise time, and there was.

It was when HBF returned home from a quick trip out to the shops, bearing delicious smelling packets of fish and chips for both of them.

So his first proper look, was at a fine plate of Britain’s best.  Apparently he was totally starving by then.


After his meal was consumed, he rang us.


Now, as you can imagine, I had been thinking of him all day and sending him thoughts.*

In fact from 2pm onwards I was thinking of little else, but of course I could not mention it to Big H.

So,when the phone finally rang, mid evening, I told Big H to answer the call, as I had no intention of spoiling the surprise at the last minute.


Well, I wish that you could have seen it.

Big H was chuntering on about things and Mr. T was not getting the chance to say anything, and I know he would not have interrupted even if it took Big H an hour to wind down.


I finally mouthed, “Ask him about HIS day”” to Big H, who finally said, “Well, that’s enough about me.  How has YOUR day been MR. T?”


It was great.



He just stood there looking shocked, and I swear, his bottom jaw just totally dropped open and hung down.

Honestly, if he had been an actor onstage, and he had expressed shock like that, the director would have told him to stop bloody exaggerating and do it believably instead.

He was poleaxed.

Totally and completely.


Once we had both stopped talking to Mr T, and left him to some peace and quiet, Big H and I talked about it for ages.

It took him all night to get over the shock.

He did agree that he would have been very worried about it beforehand, so not telling him had definitely been the correct thing to do.


Mr. T had to go back for a checkup the day after the operation, to make sure that nothing had gone awry.

HBF  was at work that day, so he had to take the train to London and then do a 20 minute walk to reach the Clinic, but all was well.


I have spoken to my son every day since then and his eyes just keep getting better and better all the time.

Apparently at his first eye check, they found that he had now got better than 20/20 vision.

He is utterly thrilled with it all.


Isn’t that amazing!




* Cataracts.

Getting Older and Interesting Bits sections.

HBF is the name given to ‘his beautiful fiance’.


**Worrying About Someone You Love Is A Total Waste  Of  Time And Energy.

Personal Growth Section.


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