Mud Sucks.



The weekend starts here.


I woke up later than usual this morning, due to having a bit of a film-fest last night.

First of all I  enjoyed the pleasure of Big H feeling so well that he made me a lovely meal of pasta with pesto, accompanied by  red salmon (tinned).


He also made us fresh coffee afterwards, which is a rare treat, because it gives me migraines sometimes if I have it too frequently.

The whole meal was accompanied with a ‘passable’ red wine which we were given as a Christmas gift.

Most enjoyable….and unexpected!


Afterwards, we just sat there like couch potatoes, pigging out on beer, hot popcorn and ice-cold Cadbury’s mini eggs.

We watched a couple of the blockbuster-type movies that Big H enjoys so much.


I do have a subtitled French movie and a black and white subtitled Swedish one too, which I have been looking forward to seeing but he will not watch them with me, so I am saving them for a Thursday evening when I am in the right mood for a bit of intensity, deep meaning, and probably some emotional anguish too.

Obviously that is a taste which Big H has not acquired as I expect living with me provides all of that sort of thing for him.

I think that most men are the same.

He is however, always open to the prospect of watching one of those traffic police action cop videos though.

I think that most men are the same!


It is a really bright and sunny day here now, with an icy coloured blue sky.

The sunlight is pouring down wonderfully but the parts of our world which are in the shadow are still white from the intense cold of last night.

I think that we may have a walk in the early afternoon, because with any luck the ground will still be frozen solid so that I will not be in the less-than-enjoyable situation of having to make my way through a squelchingly endless amount of sticky mud.

But I like the bits with the cows.


Big H, and legions of other folk, are total countryside lovers, who find nothing more enjoyable than endless yomps through such stuff in any weather.

Well, each to his own but I like my landscape a little bit more tame and tidy….with no scratches from bloody brambles.

Actually, I like Victorian parks and the grounds of stately homes the best.


I think it is because I am really a bit of a townie who spent her childhood years in just such a place…..the municipal park bit, not the stately home bit, unfortunately.

It has left me with a taste for landscapes arranged to their best effect and cherished by legions of attentive gardeners and park keepers.


Ah, such nostalgic memories.


I hope that you enjoy an excellent Saturday in whatever style most rocks your own boat.




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