My Final Decision Was To Cancel It.

Hello Peeps,


I hope I find you well and happy today.


I have spent a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks making up my mind about something very important.


Do you remember me telling you about my son’s BNF  having laser treatment for her extremely shortsighted eyes last year?

Eventually followed by my son having the same operation a couple of months age?


Well, they are both so pleased with the excellent results, that I eventually booked up to have either the same treatment or a newer one called blended vision, as I have been extremely shortsighted since the age of about eight or so.

I did this a fortnight ago, and was given two appointments, one week apart, so that I could have three or four hours of tests at the end of October, followed seven days later by more tests which would precede me then undergoing the actual operation all on the same day.

I was wonderfully assisted with making these arrangements by a very charming lady called Manmeet, who took all of my relevant details.


Very soon I was assailed by a nagging feeling of doubt about my decision, and put in some serious self examination, research, and much deep thinking.

By this morning I had decided that I was not ready to do this, so I immediately rang to cancel the arrangements I had made with the Clinic.

It was all dealt with very pleasantly and my deposit will soon be refunded to me.


Decision made.


I told Mr T immediately after I had cancelled, because Big H and I had made arrangements to stay with him and HBF for the whole week that we would need to be in London.

He was a bit surprised, but supportive, as is usual.


If you would like to read about the procedure and the clinic etc. then I obviously can give you all  the details now, as I promised to do previously.


Have a good one.


Good news for the visually challenged chocolate-lovers amongst you.

Doctor Dan and his staff find that the eating of  ‘feel–good endorphins filled‘ chocolate, alongside the relaxing Indian Head and Shoulder Massage offered, simply melts away pre-op nerves.

However indulging a love of chocolate can definately be an iffy thing.

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