My Prayer



Today I am posting a prayer that I composed many years ago, because I wanted something that was meaningful to me.


I love The Lord’s Prayer, but I  did not have anything other than that, which I enjoyed as much.


Oh no, that’s not correct, I do also love Psalm 23:4, which thrills me when I hear it said, and lastly the beautiful Song Of Solomon CH.4, an amazing read.


Anyway, when I began healing in the mid 90’s, I wanted a short prayer that covered my needs and I wrote this one.


Sometime I will write about how I came to know that prayer works and is heard,



Help us walk willingly upon the pathways that have been chosen for us,

Offering love, help and a healing touch.

Help us to grow into a perfect balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Help us be all that we can be,

All that we should be,

And all that you would wish us to be.

We ask this, knowing we are safe in your hands

And secure in your love.


2 Responses to “My Prayer”

  1. Hilary says:

    I love this prayer as it expresses precisely what I have been trying to say in my usual muddled, arrow-prayer way. It’s a wonder God listens so patiently to me as I seem to be incapable of clear thinking and keep saying “oh, sorry God, just one more thing I meant to ask you…..”.

    Thank you.

    • Jaksie says:

      Hi darling,
      Good to hear from you again.
      It was lucky I found your comment, because I have not yet managed to get back into blogging since everything changed so suddenly.
      And prayers are good, aren’t they?
      I hope all is well with you both and that you are extremely happy with life!
      Love to you from me.X

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