Nasty little swine



Today has been fine until 20 minutes ago when I decided to log on and do some of my next post.

I started immediately, and was forging ahead smoothly, until I glanced up and stopped in total bewilderment.

All there was  on the page was a few lines of total nonsense because most of the writing had vanished to wherever this Spawn Of The Devil computer has consigned it.


It does not help the situation or my temper when Big H hears me swearing and groaning and comes to look at the nasty little technological bastard.

“Oh dear”, he says patronisingly,”It has been working perfectly well for me.  I do not have these problems when I use it”.


God he gets right on my nerves sometimes.  If he had not just cooked me a lovely barbecue out on the patio tonight, and last night, I would just kill him straight away.


Believe it or not, just writing this little bit of blog has needed me to go and search for missing bits that the Spawn Of The Devil has inserted into other places and then wipe them out, and then move the cursor back to where it was supposed to be, and then write that bit again, at least six times.

I think that waiting for a sale, in order to buy a new computer, is not going to be possible.  I did not get to my age in order to be driven to total distraction by the vindictive little swine.


Big H says that I should not get in a temper with electrical things because it breaks them, and I suppose that he is right, but I did not start this.

Soon, Very soon, the horrible little thing is going to be very, very sorry.

Got to stop now before it does it yet again.





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