Now I Know How To Give Injections!



What a beautiful day it was yesterday….and it never stopped!

After the hospital stuff we went down to Tynemouth and had a superb walk on a freshly washed beach, followed by a stroll on the prom, followed in turn by wonderful fish and chips.


Having said that, I found that I have put on quite an amount of unwanted weight since we bought the chip fryer and started all of the barbecues, so I am going to have to return to my previous diet immediately.

I am also cutting out all of the alcohol and the treats that I have been indulging in.

I have also started doing some Yoga again.


If I don’t get back in shape then I will not be able to fit into the suit I bought recently, to wear for a rapidly approaching wedding.



To get off a somewhat painful subject I shall tell you about Big H’s latest medical developments.

Yesterday he was asked for blood for testing and generally looked at etc.

Then we were given a demonstration of emergency injections procedure and lots of advice about what to do during illness or vomiting.

Apparently during such stress the body burns up the amount of replacement endocrine  chemicals that he is taking daily, and then cannot produce any more itself, which is dangerous, in which case more must be given.

We have got an emergency injection kit etc, so that more can be given before going to a hospital immediately.

Once there he must be attended to straight away and not wait in a queue.


He must also wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace at all times from now on.

It seems that in the case of an emergency or accident the best way of getting the correct treatment is to wear something next to a pulse point, as this is the first thing that medical staff will do.


He was also given a card to carry in his wallet which has all the important information, as well as a letter saying what his condition is and where he is being treated, and by who etc.

This is needed for travel at airports etc and should be sufficient to allow him to carry his needles and medications etc.

Just one letter does not last for long either because it needs to be renewed by the hospital each time he goes on holidays or decides to travel by plane.


Doesn’t life get complicated all of a sudden!

Still, it is better than being dead!


Have a fine Wednesday.

Speak to you soon.



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