Now THAT’S What I Call A Long Garden!

Hello Folks,

I hope that you had a fine weekend yourself.


We had a lovely one up here, because the weather did live up to the ‘sunny’ forecast, and Big H and I made the most of it all.
At one point, we went to the garden to cut the grass and generally tidy everything up again, but the recent monsoon-like weather has caused the bloody weeds to grow huge and multiply shockingly.

But at least it is half done now….so only half more to go!


I don’t know how we would have coped if we had lived at a little cottage called The Gables, which is about 11 miles from York, a property which has just come onto the market.


This property consists of a very normal little ex-railway level crossing keeper’s cottage….and there’s a mouthful for you!

What is unusual about it is the garden.

After all, how often do you get the chance of a garden which is three quarters of a mile long….and 30′ wide.


Yes, of course, it used to be part of a private railway which ran from Easingwold to join with the main East Coast service from London to Edinburgh.

It was eventually closed in the 1950’s.


This property was bought almost a decade ago by a Mr & Mrs Topham.

During the past years they have enjoyed their unusual plot which now boasts of refinements such as ….

a pond,

a railway carriage, which used to house goats,

a 70′ nissan hut workshop,

2 greenhouses,

a wildlife area,

a rose garden,

2 paddocks,

two large greenhouses and a stream.

Possibly even a partridge in a pear tree too!


Unfortunately Mr Topham, who is now 73, had a stroke last year and probably needs a garden where it does not require a person to spend 15 minutes to walk from the house down to the end of it.


It is on the market with the estate agents Stephensons, in North Yorkshire.

Use this link to access the sales particulars if you are intrigued by the idea of it.

It has been offered at a buying price of £340,000.


Surely a gardener’s wet dream!





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