Oh No, Not Again.

Hey folks,


Well, I awoke this morning and eventually opened my eyes to a somewhat changed light coming into the bedroom.

I lay there for a while, not wanting to believe my suspicions were correct.

Then a car passed by, making a certain sound, and I knew they were.


I arose and went to peer out at a newly whitening world….snow!


The forecasters have been giving us shortening odds on this happening again today, but no-one wanted to believe it would.

If this keeps up then we are in for the possibility of blocked roads, cancelled trains and requests to stay in our houses and curtail any but the most necessary travel.

Right over Christmas too, when everyone is trying to make it to spend the holiday with their families and friends.


That is what usually happens here.

I said a while ago that snow, rain, or the wrong kind of leaves on a train track are enough to paralyse this strange country of ours.

It is sometimes like living in The Land Of Oz….Dorothy’s version….not Australia!


In our case it is slightly worse than it was in the past, because when Big H finally retired I persuaded him to buy a more sporty two seater car so that he could have some fun and take his mind off his health,

I have to say that it was a good idea and it awoke his old pleasure in driving again.


However the downside is this kind of winter weather.

Apparently this car is lighter and has different attributes to a heavy 4 wheel drive bruiser.


We have to be more circumspect about travel anyway because if he was stuck in heavy snow by the roadside for 15 hours, the way those commuters were the other week, then it would probably kill him off.

That would be a tragedy because I don’t have another forty years available to properly train-up some other man….or even the energy.


I am depressing myself here so I am going to go and get myself another cup of tea….Lapsang Souchong this time, nice and smoky.

Please talk amongst yourselves, upon enlightening subjects, until I make my return!


Commercial Break…..Eat Doorstep Bread.


Hello again.

Well, when I was waiting for the kettle to boil and toasting my doorsteps, I had a look out of the window.

There were lots of depressed looking folk trudging about with their shoulders pulled up around their ears.

All still clothed in our inadequate British winter clothing as usual.



I however am full of toast and tea, and feeling quite chipper.

I hope that you are too….feeling chipper of course…..the tea and toast is tasty but optional!





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  1. nelly says:

    i only like the whitescapes on saturday mornings that have zero plans ahead. that’s when it’s beautiful, and with a cup of cocoa in hand (and a gerard butler DVD) it is quite tolerable.
    weekday snow activity is awful awful awful awful.

    for extreme weather, a canadian fur parka would do you good 🙂
    i installed winter tires on my car, and $800 later, i’m supposed to be better equipped when handling snow and ice on the road. we shall see 🙂

    stay warm!

    • Jaksie says:

      What is a Canadian fur parka?.
      Something the same as a down filled parka…,or something made from an inside out animal skin….like an eskimo would wear?
      Oh, is that an OK word, or are we British being offensive now with that description of a people who are somewhat mythical and mystical to us!
      I hope not!
      You have it entirely right about whiteouts.
      The forecast for us here, is that we are now back into arctic weather and sub-zero temperatures again, along with dangerous road conditions etc.
      Way depressing!
      Hopefully your tyre expenditure will keep you safe….so well worth doing I would think.
      I am trying to keep warm but it is freezing now, so I have already put my electric blanket on and intend to retire to bed soon with a big whiskey.
      Tonight I had a chocolate lapse and I consumed a whole huge bar of Cadbury’s turkish delight chocolate….well, it’s not my fault….someone should have stopped me.
      I wish that I had not done it because I now feel totally sick.
      See, age does not make you any the more sensible at all.
      Have a good day tomorrow and hopefully a fine weekend too.

  2. nelly says:

    a canadian fur parka is a modified native american jacket. it used to be animal hide (buffalo, cow, etc..) that’s stuff w/ goose down and with seal fur all around the trip and a hoodie that sticks out several inches from the sides to protect in blizzard like conditions. sometimes the hide is replaced with pure fur, so you basically look like a big ol’ bear. but it’s been adapted to involve less animals and more synthetic material that reduces cost.
    you can see several styles here:

    for the record: not all of us have it. I’m largely spoiled, I get away with a wool coat and gloves/scarf combo. I use public transpo or drive so my hike time is minimal. my friends that live towards the northern parts of the province are an entirely different story though. A parka tucked away in their trunks (or boot) is not that unusual just in case they need to step out and brave the elements.

    I have a very “fairytale” idea of winter which is not meshing well with the reality of it. I imagine the cartoons i watched when i were little, with little cottages in the forest with some snow around (enough to make snow people) and a fireplace inside.
    right now, i don’t have a cottage, fire place, or lovely scenery around. so I’m afraid it’s the ugly grey slushy side of winter that i hate so much, and it’s around me all the time 🙂 okay, just 5 months each year.

    Cadbury hot chocolate? Sounds delicious! And don’t kid yourself about age, too much liquid chocolate will beat up anyone regardless of age – I speak of experience. I love the camino (fair trade no child labour) brand of spicey hot chocolate. they add cinammon, chillis and banan chillis to the chocolate and it is absolutely heavenly Aztec-y deliciousness -but, can’t have it too much or the consequences will be quite severe.

    We refer to our native peoples as “native americans”, “indigenous” or by their proper names “metis”, ” sioux”, “ojibwe/chippewa”, “ottawa”, “algonquin” etc. “Eskimo” is considered derogatory, but I don’t really hold non-Canadians against it because they don’t exactly have entire departments that educate on proper use, etc. I don’t flip out at non-PC terms, and I imagine neither do the native peoples when they know you’re not from ’round here 🙂

    Native art itself is beautiful. i love watching war dances and drum ceremonies. beautiful rhythm and beat. Native American healing is also fantastic. You can read up a lot on it in herbal cookery books, and I love their traditions of honouring the land, animal and earth. Sometimes I think about what I would do for a Masters degree, and I’m drawn towards a study of native indigenous arts in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands – specifically the impact, effect and integration of colonialism on their art scenes. I hope one day I’ll get around to that degree ~

    have a good friday too!

    • Jaksie says:

      Ta for the update on the correct protocol re. native Americans!
      We are not up-to-date with such things because we do not actually have an indiginous people here….it’s us….although there can be a bit of nationalism between the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish even though most of us are a bit of each actually.
      I have Irish blood for example and Big H has Cornish and Scottish I think.
      That idea for a masters sounds enthralling, and would have the promise of perhaps travelling too.
      It would also make good use of your talent for photography.
      My own interest lies mainly with healers and medicine men and mystics.
      The idea of people appreciating the world and all that is in it and having respect for all creatures is a correct one and a very wise attitude.
      Modern ideas seem to preclude spirituality and grace, and embrace ingratitude and selfishness….but I will not proceed to rant on about that!
      I probably do that too much anyway.
      If I ever get rich there is nothing I would like more than the original published work of Edward S. Curtis, showing his pictures of the tribes that he spent so much of his life capturing, before their way of life was forever changed.
      His photos are such a magical record of a lost world.
      We both seem drawn to long missives don’t we!
      Now my bed will be red hot because I have somehow managed to stay up anyway.
      Take Care.

  3. nelly says:

    **haha! another novel on your site Jackie.. sorry!**

  4. nelly says:

    i think only countries with native populations are aware of some of the sensitivities, and even then it all depends on the historic conduct to date (Australia vs NZ and their treatment of the natives).

    I’ve come in contact with some of the nationalistic tendencies the UK has, specifically up north. I think nationalism is one of those ideas that people seek self-definition through, if that makes sense. Think about it, those that seldom reflect on their existence are usually the ones completely self identifying through a common desirable trait (nationality X, religion X, etc.) and those with a higher sense of awareness are not too bothered with those identities. Yes, you can be a religious patriot, but you’re not a nationalistic fanatic . Or so the mind of Nelly believes.

    There is a native American prophecy (I can’t for the life of me recall the actual source), and it predicts the return of the white man to the ways of nature and shamans after they are done worshiping the cold gods.

    it’s been theorized that the cold gods are in fact technology leaders and the equipment of industrialization itself. and it’s also ne;eioved that we’ll not abandon modern advances, but there will be a return back to elementary methods of living and relations.

  5. Jaksie says:

    Hey Nelly,
    Sorry to have taken so long to reply but we have had trouble with broadband….probably the snow!!!!!!
    After all, it is being blamed for everything else!!!!
    I agree with what you say.
    I too have often despaired of the way most of our world seems to develop along such selfish and aggressive paths.
    Also about the way that people confuse religion and spirituality.
    Real spirituality being something that affects other people only as a side effect, not by fighting them in order to forcibly change their religious beliefs.

    Many indiginous tribes, as in my post about Jacinto Zarabatas, try to warn us to have proper respect and appreciation but no-one seems to hear them, not our governments anyway.
    I do believe that there is a movement towards more natural things, but back in the sixties i thought so too.
    My feeling is that if enough people raise their vibration, then the balance would shift, and the world would then change because of it.
    As soon as I am able I will send you a list of some books you may like to try, I have a collection of such and still re-read them sometimes.
    In the meantime you may like to check out the life and works of ‘The Sleeping Prophet: Edgar Cayce’.
    I always find him fascinating and have some books describing his cures and advice.
    Please excuse me if you are already au-fait with him, as he is very well known…..but he would go into natural trances and then give detailed advice which he said came from the vast store of universal knowledge….he would sometimes describe something which would cure an ailment and then go on to give instructions about how to get a very old bottle of it in some little tucked away little place in America etc.
    Fascinating stuff.
    You might also like to try a book by Allegra Taylor….I Fly Out With Bright Feathers : The Quest Of A Novice Healer.
    Some people search inside themselves to find their way, others search out in the world.
    Allegra is a woman who searches in the world outside, and the book follows her through her journey meeting many people and situations that help and inform her on her path to healing.
    Hopefully you will enjoy it!
    As I avoid stress at all costs, I am going to cease blog posts until mid-January because of broadband problems with reception and because I also have lots on and much journeying to do due to Xmas and New Year festivities, and Big H’s improved health this year.
    I wish you joy Nelly.
    i hope you have an outstanding Christmas and that the New Year brings you more good things than you could possibly think to ask for.
    With Love,

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