Wonderful Quotes: Oscar Wilde.

Quote: Oscar Wilde.



‘ Hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do.’

Wonderful Quotes: Kate Moss.

Quote: Kate Moss.



‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’.




Tree House: A Work Of Art In Canada.



Oh, how I love to see something pretty …. and in my opinion I have just seen another pretty thing.

Up in a tree …. and no, it is not a bird.


This particular pretty thing is not only unique and beautiful, it is also totally not legal.


Once upon a time in Canada, there was a young man by the name of Joel Allen.

This person was a carpenter who did not have the means to buy himself a house.

So, he decided to put his craft to good use and somehow create one for himself.


After some thought he decided that he would build one illegally in the Whistler Forest, which is Crown Land in Canada.

First he took some time to seek out his perfect tree, which was in a secluded place, yet near enough to a road to allow access.


Then, all that remained was to create a design for a tree house …. and get started …. secretly!


Now his home is finished and looks truly beautiful and natural …. like a fairy lantern hanging in the forest.

A real work of art!


This is the website.


What a shame that it may be pulled down!

I want it to stay though.

What do you think about it ?






The Curious Case Of ‘The Glasses From Boots Opticians’.



And so we eventually get to the end (?) of the long running saga about my useless new glasses from Boots Opticians.

As you will remember, it took quite a lot of upsetting arguments with the shop staff before they would actually give me another eye examination when I went back to report that I could not see using glasses re-glazed with their new 2012 prescription.


When the re-test was finally done it proved absolutely that the last prescription had been entirely wrong.

I asked the optician to give me a copy of the new and correct prescription while I was in her office, but she said she could not do that as she needed to have a word with the duty manager first.

When she returned, after some time, I was then told I needed to go and speak with him.

He refused to show me the prescription that was in his hand, saying that it was not possible to do that as it was not an NHS prescription, so it needed to be written out properly first.

He then sat and did that, while continually referring to a roll of my previous prescriptions which he had with him.

This made me feel very suspicious of what he was actually doing.


After yet another argument we were told that that they would need to re-glaze only one lens, because the other lens was judged by him to be differing within their acceptable limits, which he said was proved by the newly written prescription which he now handed to me.


Two weeks later, we received a phone call to say that the glasses were ready for collection at any time.


I finally have them back and find that to a certain extent I can read and use the computer while wearing them, which is obviously an improvement on being able to see nothing very well,  but I still cannot read the smaller print on the computer which I can read quite clearly and easily with the 6 year old old glasses I have been wearing.


I did consider going back to complain again but after reading a lot of less-than-encouraging online comments from other disgruntled customers, I don’t know what to do.

It is reported by some peeved online customers that they were refused any help when they complained, and were similarly argued  with, or just ignored after writing letters, and have been angry to be left out-of pocket.

Given the differing attitude towards their recent culpabililities, as opposed to the helpfulness of four years ago (when they issued a similar botched test result), I can only assume that the buy out by Alliance Unichem in 2007 to form what is now Alliance Boots, has resulted in the highly aggressive tactics now employed to retain profits?


Once I had collected the specs, we left the shop, walking past many rows of hair shampoos and treatments, in order to go over the road to buy the same products fom Superdrug.

I actually meant it when I said previously that I did not intend to ever step into Boots again.


My friends have been told the step by step story of my new glasses, as it progressed, and they are now totally disappointed in the brand too.

What these shops forget, is that using aggressive tactics has a knock on effect with customers and their future sales.

We should always protest with our feet.


I am actually considering paying for yet another eye test at a reputable opticians and then looking at our options after that if there is still a noticeable discrepancy with the latest prescription we were given.

Unfortunately the water is probably too muddied now.


Had I to go through this again, I would have simply obtained a reliable 3rd party prescription to prove the mistake, before going to ask Boots for a refund.

If this was not given without a problem then I would have considered the small claims court route.

I certainly wish that I had, because the whole thing has been a horribly stressful and drawn out process with an unsatisfactory conclusion so far.


Don’t know what to do quite yet.

So there, end of story …. so far!

Have any of you had similar problems, if so do comment.




Save Your Blushes.



Today I have decided to tell you about an excellent way of avoiding possible embarrassment.


I don’t know about you, but if you read a lot you can come across words that you have never actually used in the normal everyday conversations that you have.

It seems so obvious what they mean and they are exactly correct to suit certain descriptive needs.


There is however one small drawback …. if you have not heard other people use these words …. or have even heard other people using the words, but using them with the an incorrect pronunciation, then how would you know that they are incorrect!


It happened to me years ago when ‘muesli’ first became known in the UK.

I was in a university environment and mentioned to a group of people that I had just started eating, and enjoying, ‘ mew-ez-lee’.

Urgh, said a very posh, an stridently voiced, girl student. What a funny way to say ‘Muse-lee’.

Enough said!


So, f you have any doubts about how to pronounce a word, then there is a quick way to make sure that you do not make an avoidable social faux pas.

Check the word out in the privacy of your own home before you use it in conversation. because normally no-one will correct you if you get it wrong …. but obviously they will notice!


There is an excellent site available, which uses a voice to pronounce the word for you so that you can always get it right.

Here is the link so you can keep it on your computer for instant reference.

Howjsay.com …. a free Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation.


I use it myself when I come across a new word while I am reading.

It is great!


Have a fine and wordy day yourself.







More Hope For Loch Ness Monster Hunters.



Well, here we go again, some things never die down for very long.


There is  huge excitement once more in Scotland.

Recently more possibilities have been raised in the vexing question about whether there actually is a real Loch Ness Monster or not.

This argument has been going on for many years and still has not been satisfactorily proved or disproved.


Things have recently heated up again, due to a tourist boat captain called Marcus Atkinson.

Recent reports say that when this gentleman was taking Sonar images of the Loch, he saw images of long- 5 foot wide creature– which seemed to be following the boat at a depth approaching 100 feet foot below the surface.


It seems that the shape was visible for a several moments as it tracked the craft.

This gave enough time for pictures to be taken.


No-one is sure what the readings actually showed, but monster hunters are extremely heartened by the news that their mysterious quarry may be a little nearer to finally being discovered..


This  is not the first time I have blogged about it of course ‘cos I love the possibility of mysteries and wonderments.


Perhaps this time …. or not?




Poem: Scary.



Do we all have those skeletons

In our cupboards.

The thought does rattle me.



Wonderful Quotes: Yogi Berra.

Quote: Yogi Berra …. (baseball player).


‘ It’s deja vu all over again.





An Excellent Few Days.

Hey, Hey,


I hope that you are feeling fine in the aftermath of a fabulous weekend …. ‘cos I am.


At the moment I am feeling very spoiled because Big H and I have had yet another family visit, and that makes it twice in one month!

Total Spoiling!


The weekend was great, with being treated to a fine meal out and going for a long and rambling walk in the nearby woodland.

In actual fact, because of Big H’s dubious health over the past several years, it has been a long time since we have been there and if I had been dropped down into the woods blindfold, then I would not have recognised where I was at all.

During those passing years there has been a complete sea change in the appearance of the woodland.

All of the big old trees have been chopped down and only the small trees are left standing, with the stumps of the old trees still sticking up amongst them.

It had quite a ‘Hammer House Of Horrors‘ look about it, to be absolutely truthful.

But even so, it was an enjoyable ramble and we all got home just as the rain began to fall again.


I also had lots to eat and even more to drink …. which was naughty, but hey, you cannot be good all of the time.

And I may as well confess that I ate the major part of a huge catering size Tiramisu too!


Now Big H and I are alone once more and the house seems empty, but he has just made me a 4 rasher bacon bun for brunch ( I got up late), and we are being thwarted in our intention to go for a walk because the weather is now giving it large with the ‘sleety-rain’ once more.

Roll on summer is what I say, and the sooner the better too.


Have a good day yourself, although you may not be lucky enough to be served with a delicious crispy bacon sandwich, with tasty brown sauce in it.

But you can wish!




Wonderful Quotes: Marilyn Monroe.

Quote: Marilyn Monroe.



‘Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one’.