Haiku: Truth.



Believing in truth

Still allows for tooth fairies –

And Father Christmas.



Speccy Four Eyes Has A Problem.



It’s Wednesday already.



We had a busy day yesterday …. at the opticians.


Recently, I had an eye test in our local city …. and then I asked how much it would cost to just have my own diamante-type frames re-glazed, instead of buying new ones.

There does not seem to be any point in having the cost of buying new specs when it took me ages to find such pretty, blingy ones, in the first place.


The assistant then took me through the various thin lenses which were available to me, and obviously, as I need such a heavy prescription I definitely need as much help as I can get.

I said I would like the very thin Essilor brand that I already had.


Imagine my horror to be informed that the cost would be £500+ pounds …. just for re-glazing.

I said the cost was too high, even though she then offered to take off a further £20 or so if they needed to price match another quote, but I would discuss it at length with Big H that night.

Big H then decided to look on-line.

It was a considerable amount cheaper there, but he carefully read all of their reviews before deciding to go down that particular and possibly dodgy road.

But he eventually went for it, even though I have a complicated prescription and I need varifocals, because I was going to send them my old glazed specs so that they could re-glaze them.

This would allow them to see where my pupils are.


The wait was a bit worrying I must confess.


Well, it took a while but I finally received my specs back last Friday, and by Sunday I had to accept that I could not see properly with them at all because the computer screen was blurry and I could not comfortably read my new Kindle anymore.

Oh Bloody Shit!!!!!!!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkity Fuck!!!!!!!


Eventually, I dug out all of my previous 10 years of eye test results, and was surprised to see that the last prescription was extremely different from all of the previous ones.

Could the local High Street opticians have made a mistake instead of the on-line people?


On Monday I rang the local opticians to ask them to give me another eye test because I could not see very well with my new specs.

As soon as they found out I had had them made up somewhere else they told me to go and see the other opticians and complain to them because it was probably their mistake in making up the lenses.

I then had to say that I could not go to see them because they had been made-up online.


After quite an argument I finally managed to get an appointment to have a word with their dispensing optician who would check that the new lenses matched their new prescription …. obviously as a favour to me …. but no possibility of another eye test till after that was done.


The result was that the amazed lady had to finally admit that the varifocal lenses matched the prescription perfectly, and the iris positions were perfect too, although she said that she would not have believed that it could have been possible to do something so complicated on-line.

And then, she could not believe that it had only cost £280 pounds to buy them …. I mean there is over £200 difference!

She was horrified!


When she said that perhaps my eyes actually had changed as drastically as the new prescription was showing.

Big H countered that by saying that if that was so then I would not be able to wear the 5 years old glasses that I was wearing that day …. or be able to see properly with them …. far more comfortably than with the new ones.


Well, long story short, I now have an appointment with their best optician in a week or so, and I get my new eye test then.

And, if the original prescription is wrong, I will get my glasses re-glazed for free.


Now it just remains to be seen what happens next.

I will let you know all of the details of course …. and the name of the on-line optician too!


Have a very “clearly seen” day yourself.





Haiku: Feeling Groovy.

Feeling Groovy.


Watching cars go by –

Wondering who is driving

And what they rush to.



Mr. Button.

Happy Monday to you,


So, how are you!

I am fine, thank you!


Yesterday we were lucky that the rain stayed away and we managed to actually get into the garden and do some very necessary tidying up.

My task was to pick up and bag the deep drifts of well crisped brown leaves, donated by my kind neighbour, via his outstandingly huge Sycamore tree which borders our own little bit of heaven.


It was while I was doing this that I first saw Benjamin.


I happened to glance up in time to see a small white face peeping around one side of the hole in our fence, which was caused by the recent winds blowing away a section.


It was a large, but thin, black and white tomcat, who was looking curious but ready-to-bolt-at-any-second.

As I spoke to him he began to make loud noises before trotting across to me.


He had no collar and was quite bony, with some missing fur between his back legs, but what made me decide that he was possibly a stray, were his huge balls.

Normally, most owners have their male cats neutered in order to stop them peeing on things and to somewhat curtail their instincts to roam far from home and be missing for long periods.


I was therefore very careful about touching him in case he decided to take exception to it.

But no, he totally revelled in being petted, becoming ever more vociferous about it.


Soon, I borrowed Big H’s keys and went home to get him something to eat.

I brought back some milk, a dish, a tin opener and a tin of tune chunks.


He sniffed the bowl of milk and the opened tin of tuna and looked at me as if I was mad, so I just left it and got on with picking up leaves, being interrupted at intervals by the noisy creature who wanted a bit more attention from me.


When Big H finally felt not-very-well, I went to pick up the food and found that half of the milk was gone, along with almost half of the fish.


I also noticed that the cat was also issuing softer and more throaty noises …. possibly because he was full!


I had been calling him Stinkypants, for want of knowing his proper name, if any.

It was at that point that I decided he would be called Benjamin Button …. or Mr. Button …. because Big H thought he was an old cat and I thought he was a relatively young Tom, in full vigour.


I think that I am actually the person who is right because when I was young our unclipped Tomcat, called Whiskey, used to go courting for days on end and became more tattered and torn as the years passed.

Big H, however, only had a little dog, as his mum did not like cats.

So, that makes me the expert!!!


When we had to leave I could still hear him in the garden, so it may not be the last I see of Mr. Button.

Next time I go there I shall take the rest of the carton of milk, and some cat food, ‘cos you never know.


Hoping your day contains a friendly pussy or two as well!






Brown Sauce Makes It Perfect..



We have a dramatic day today, with an ever-changing aspect.

It is totally black and moody one minute, and then the sky suddenly splits to show bright luminous blueness as strong sunshine pours down.


I am hoping that the sunshine wins because we are planning to go and tidy the garden up properly today, picking up the drifts of dry brown  leaves etc. which always fall in from from a neighbour’s overly huge sycamore tree, and then binning them neatly.


Unfortunately we also found that the recent strong winds had blown down a section of our lap fencing and broken it up.

This happened previously, about eight or ten years ago, and Big H arranged for a guy to come and fix it …. and he also paid for the work.

This time our neighbour has the responsibility for doing the same thing, thank goodness.

Hopefully it will be done soon, as I like the privacy of being totally enclosed when I am doing gardeny-type things.


There is also a reasonably large amount of litter and crisp packets to pull out of the thorn bushes etc., which keeps on blowing in from the surrounding streets.

I really do wish people would stop throwing down their litter in any old place and take some responsibility for themselves for a change …. I mean, where do they think it all goes!

It is bad enough when you pass pubs and see hundreds of discarded cigarette butts flicked about the streets.


Anyway, enough of that complaining …. all is well with my world at the moment …. and that is a good thing.


Roll on the rest of this quiet Sunday ‘cos there are going to be bacon sandwiches for lunch, along with brown sauce.



Have a fine and tasty one yourself.





BPoMD 117. Trail.



I have some chunky new leather boots

With thick heavy tread soles.

They leave the most amazing tracks

When I walk through the mud.




First Cut Of The Season

Good Morning,


Well, things have picked up weatherwise now.

Yesterday it was so sunny in the afternoon that we went for a ‘pootle about’ in the car …. and with the top down too!


It was lovely driving around Northumberland, gazing at the lush greenness which suddenly changes into bare landscapes with only scrub and sheep farms as far as the eye can see.

It is just a shame that buying fuel for the car is so prohibitively expensive now, but it was a fine if expensive end to the perpetual feeling of winter.


My hair is still looking better after the impromptu haircut, even at the end of the second day.

I am so glad that I took the chance rather than just to persevere with the ‘bag lady’ look.


I think that we older ladies should be very careful about fearing to make changes which could end up being a mistake because it seems to freeze time if you do that.


Just think how many mature ladies wear strange hairstyles which consist of long hair which is ornately clipped up, twisted, back-combed and arranged, in order to cover thin patches and the like.

I have never seen one of them where a sharp modern loose cut would not have appeared fresher, younger and infinitely more modern.

I mean, young women colour, cut, chop and alter their hair whenever the mood takes them …. and it usually works even if it looks solidly punky.

If mine goes all-white and it does not look good then I may well dye it some outlandish colour …. perhaps a similar blue to the one I always like to do my toenails.


We have no specific plans for today but I think that it is probably time to spent a few hours in the garden, or even give the grass it’s first cut of the new year.

Big H has bought some lawn feed, containing  a moss and weed killer, so perhaps we shall put that on too.


At the moment, I am suggesting to him that we buy a couple of apple trees, so that we can pick our own fruit eventually and even put a hammock in between them in the future.

What a sweet thought to lie there reading under the apple blossoms.


On that fine note I shall end today’s post, which only leaves me to wish you a happy day today.

So have fun.




BPoMD 116: Blackbird.



On our walks

We pass a dead blackbird.

He has changed over the days

To a mere outline of himself.



My D.I.Y. ‘Long Bob’ Haircut.

Good Morning to you,


And so we start another warm day, although there is not very much blue sky showing at all.


Yesterday turned out to be a very good day indeed.

My ‘chancey’ hair experiment went very, very well.

I was ‘Lucky! Lucky! Lucky’ as Kylie would say.


I suddenly made up my mind, and warned Big H to be ready to help me when I needed him.

He was a bit unsure about cutting my hair short, so I decided to do it myself and then get him to tidy it up for me afterwards.


So …. I began by washing it and giving it a good combing back to make sure the waves were removed.

After that I clipped it all at the back of the neck with a long plastic bag clipper from Ikea …. I chose a white one for maximum visibility using my hand mirror and fixed mirror!


As soon as the clip looked to be straight …. at the length I wanted my hair to be at the back ….  I cut along the lower outside edge of the clip, which I had closed about 1″ down from my lowest hair at the nape of my neck.

Once I checked for, and tidied up, the uneven bits (using a hand mirror), I removed the clip again.




I had made sure to clip back my sides vertically behind the ears first because I like to have very long side pieces in order that the haircut does not look like a Darth Vader helmet!

The front sides were satisfyingly long as I had hoped.


Big H then trimmed the few longer bits that grow down the neck, until the back was straight.

I gave it a quick dry with the normal hair dryer and followed that with a comb through using my Babyliss hot air brush.


I am very pleased with it.


Here is a picture of the finished look.





I must say though, that if you also try to save money using a similar method I definitely cannot guarantee what the result will be, and cannot really recommend taking such chances as most hair only grows at about half an inch per month.

You may therefore have to wear a hat for many long and distressing distressing months.


I found the process to be quite a scary, yet thrilling, experience because it is very easy to make awful mistakes.

However, my dreadful hair had to be cut, and I thought the plan should work …. and save me hairdressers costs for the rest of my life …. assuming that it does not eventually all fall out!

A bit mad really, as I have often been wrong in the past!!!!


Have a good hair day yourself this Wednesday!





One Battle Won And One Battle Lost.



Things are going very well here.


We have a warmish day, although there is a heavy grey sky which is seeming to be mere inches above the rooftops.

There are also thousands of shy snowdrops to be seen all over the place, looking as if they have been freshly created from pristine wax.


I love snowdrops!

Did you know that they are said to have been used traditionally as a cure for chilblains.

Apparently you just rub the juice all over the painful areas to relieve the agony of the bloody awful things.


If I had known that as a child I would definitely have given it a try as I used to suffer awfully with them during the wintertime.

It could have been easily done too, because although we lived in an extremely urban environment, there were lots of snowdrops in our wonderful local park.


As for the remaining Gremlins, hiding in the art section of the blog, we have finally triumphed and killed them off.

We are a Gremlin-free zone at the moment, thank goodness.

Mr T has also taken the time to freshen up the site presentation a bit – as you may have noticed.

I am very pleased with it myself.


Big H is upstairs enjoying a long and extremely hot bubble bath at the moment, so I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet downstairs.

Now that we are together 24/7, we find that we both appreciate the periods of alone-time that occur.

The upside is that summer is coming and then there are many opportunities for getting out there and having fun during the long and lazy days.


There is not really anything else happening today, except that I think I need to cut my hair off again.

I have grown it down to below shoulder length but the weight seems to be making the thinness on the top much more noticeable.

It does not look too bad on the first day that I wash it, but on the second day the hair seems to separate and you can see patches of my scalp quite clearly.

I look like a bag lady, with dry and lifeless thin hair, and I have totally lost faith in all of the not-very-cheap-at-all remedies I have hopefully tried over the past few years.

Yesterday I looked on-line again, for a solution to the problem, and read about the unisex Hairmax Portable Laser Comb which is supposed to encourage hair growth etc.

Although the write-ups and reviews were good, I decided that I was unwilling to spend the huge amount of money (and hope) that it takes to buy one.

I think that I shall use any spare cash I might possibly find to enjoy having many, many more takeaways and beers instead ‘cos I know that they totally do work as a treat for me!


So, although I have always had long thick hair, I think I must bow to fate and cut it all off for good.

As I cannot afford to start going to hairdressers, even if I did trust them to actually listen to what I want, I shall get Big H to do it for me.

At least he listens and tries to do exactly what I have asked him too …. and I don’t need to give him a big tip either!


It is going to have to be a short bob again I think, because that is relatively easy for him to do as it can all be the same length.

Hopefully it will look better, but if not I shall wear a hat, and luckily, through some quirk of genetics, I always suit headgear.

See, there is always a silver lining to the most baldy of clouds.


I shall now leave you because I am feeling peckish, and a large home-made steak pie is sending out siren calls from the depths of the fridge.