Poem: Cheer Up Mum.

Cheer Up Mum.


Cheer up mum

It could be worse,

You could be lying

In a hearse.


It’s better here

Though there is pain.

Things always can

Come good again.


Some bits go missing

Others drop.

Some things won’t start

And others stop.


Accept your life

And what you are,

A ratbag yes…. but still a Star!



2 Responses to “Poem: Cheer Up Mum.”

  1. Grace says:

    like the poem in general but why would you call your mum a ratbag?

    • Jaksie says:

      A Good Question Grace,

      I think that we are all ratbags at some time or other …. whether we are mums or not …. and of course it all depends on the family sense of humour too.

      Although some poetry is obviously based upon a serious level, others are just meant to be a moment of fun.

      My own mum, for instance, had a quite dark sense of humour at times, just the same as I do.

      She would have been immediately cheered up by that particular poem, as she would not have taken it at all personally or even seriously…. although the basic sentiment is a serious one in that things are sometimes a lot worse for other people as age takes it’s toll…. and for me personally it helps to remember that.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment,

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