Poem: Lost Sheep.

Lost Sheep.



He is a little lost sheep

Through no fault of his own,

Out beyond the locked gate of the pen

Prey to the sharp teeth of isolation,

Alone in an unknowing world.

Please rescue and return him

In a condition as good as new,

Safe in the world of the functioning.

Surely it is not a lot to ask,

For is the lost sheep not the most important.



2 Responses to “Poem: Lost Sheep.”

  1. Sian says:

    Hi! I used your poem in a piece of art on another website, if that’s ok? I credited you and linked it back to here, but if you’d rather I deleted it, that’s no problem 🙂

    • Jaksie says:

      Hi Sian,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I have had a look at ‘Lost Sheep’ on your website, using the link you provided.
      It is an interesting way to present the poem, using the many different typefaces and shadings….also interesting to see the introduction of ‘she’ instead of ‘he’, being used for a slightly different emotional accent
      As you have correctly credited my poem, and have provided a link back to my website, I am happy for you to continue to show it on your own site.
      You may be interested in my post tomorrow, which I hope will afford you a few more visitors to enjoy your ideas.
      I wish you well.

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