Poem: Snapshot In A Life.

Snapshot In A Life.



One of the best memories ever

Was deciding to drive up to Beadnell

On a beautiful summer’s morning.

We took all the Sunday papers,

Along with the bar-b-cue, some fat sausages,

A few buns and a great big flask of tea,

We already had a picnic blanket in the boot

Still sandy from our last day at the beach

So we were well set up for the day.

Once the car was safely parked up

We made our way over the stiff grass,

Carrying everything we could manage,

Towards the brightly glittering sea

Where a naughty wind stole some pages.

But the sausages were phenomenal.

Later we just sat there and watched

While the timely tide crept up the beach

To keep us company at the edge of the dunes.



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