Poem. There Is No Such Thing As A Sasquatch.

There Is No Such Thing As A Sasquatch.


A hunter in America

Was deep within a wood,

Intent on tracking down a deer

The signs were fresh and good.


That he himself was being sought

Just did not cross his mind,

But something different dogged his trail

And was not far behind.


Within the shadows of the trees

A creature came unbidden,

From long ago his special race

Was doomed to being hidden.


The spoor was fresh, not long to go,

The hunter was excited,

And when he saw his chosen deer

The sight left him delighted.


The stag was grazing unaware

No warning on the breeze,

No scent to tell him of the danger

Hidden in the trees.


The man prepared  to take the shot

He felt a hunter’s thrill

He raised his rifle, took his aim

Intent upon the kill.


The sasquatch seized him in it’s grasp

The hunter tried to pray

A creature who does not exist

Just carried him away.



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