Queen Elizabeth II.

Hello Peeps,


I was going to tell you yet another tale of Amsterdam, but this morning, for some reason, I keep thinking of my mum.

I possibly told you that she died earlier this year.


The death of a parent is extremely painful at first, but I think perhaps I have been lucky.

I now find that the pain is gone, all the various  ‘things my parents did to me’  are gone, and all that is left now are the fond memories, most of them from childhood.


I remember one time, when I was in infants school. We were told that the school doctor was coming to examine us the next day.

Someone then informed me that he would put his hand down our knickers and ask us to c.ough.

Well, being a very self- conscious child, and having a very well developed sense of ‘self’ and privacy’, it worried me and I was NOT happy.


The  dreaded day finally arrived, and my mother marched me down the long avenues of streets that led to our school, which was at the bottom of quite a steep bank.


And, YES, you have guessed it!

The very moment that I saw the School Gates looming up ahead……..I BOLTED..


Away, at top speed, and up the hill again towards home and sanctuary.


Eventually, of course , I was collared by a furious, red-faced, panting, dishevelled mother, who then marched me back down to keep my appointment with fear.  All the while gripping me firmly by my long plaits.

It was a very horrible, invasive experience for me, and is probably the basis for my lifelong dislike of medical interventions.

I mean, if my leg has fallen off, then I want a brilliant surgeon to sew it back on immediately.

But, apart from such emergency help, I always prefer to wait and see if stuff will better by itself first. and it usually does.  Or an alternative type of therapy will do the trick instead.


I don’t know if I have already mentioned it, but I also used to bite.

I remember a friend of my mother’s, who used to always pull me in under her arm for a cuddle, no matter how much I struggled against it

It was very unpleasant, because she had world class B.O.

I used to complain to Mum and she would take no notice, even betraying me and saying “Go on, give auntie a nice cuddle”.

In the end I bit the woman in the armpit, just as hard as I could.


After the resulting mayhem died down, I never got hugged by her again..a result!


Anyway, I digress, I meant to talk about Mum.

She was small and looked exactly like the Queen, same body, mouth, eyes and everything.  Along with a polite but withdrawn and posh manner.

A genuine Lady.


I used to say it to Dad and he would agree with me, and say that Mum was his own queen.  The Queen Of His Heart.

She used to detest that kind of ‘slop’ too.


I remember once, he bought her a star.

It was named after her and there was a big, fancy framed chart to put on the wall to confirm it.

When Mum found out how much it had cost him, she was furious.  Saying that with that amount of money she could have bought something ‘proper’.

Not one of the world’s great romantics!


Big H and I used to tell her that she could make a fortune as the Queen’s body double.  She could have had clothes fitted on her to save the Queen the bother, and because they looked alike, it would also have given the designers an idea of how it would look upon the Queen.

She used to laugh and poo-poo the very idea of being involved in anything so silly.

Big H and I did tease her a few times by asking her to cut ribbons, to officially open ‘our new cupboard’ etc, but that got very boring, very quickly.

However, she was great fun at times and had a very silly streak.


Oh yes, she was also called Betty.




I said to Big H that if it had been modern times, Mum would have made quite a fortune as a Queen Elizabet II impersonator.

He said, “No she would never have done that.  She did not need to be the Queen.  She was Betty, she already thought she WAS a queen, and acted accordingly at times”

Except of course, when she was driving.  At which point she would turn into a termagant, especially with flash, young men”.

She drove until she was nearly 90 too.


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