Robber Barons,And Smuggling A Dead Man.



Good morning and everything, I hope I find you well and happy with your lot.

Might as well be, there are no exchanges or guarantees on this one even if you do find faults or bad workmanship.


I had a great deal of fun this morning when I went out earlier to feed the birds.


As usual they were waiting for the offering of the day.

This morning it was one of their two favourites….if not the absolute pinnacle of desire for my crows.

It was pasta with pesto, cold from yesterday but with the penne obviously cut into slightly smaller pieces as this stuff weighs a damn sight more than prawn crackers.


Well, the braver ones came swooping down almost immediately and then flew off, only to be dive bombed by the other crows.

Then there was much loud squawking and squabbling until one of them flew off again with the prize.


All of this taking place while there is a perfectly good wall next to them all, covered in the same stuff that they are attacking each other for….obviously it is much more fun to have a battle over someone else’s bit….and get a piece by force!


They remind me of the old robber barons of medieval England, getting everything they have by taking it from someone else, and the strongest ending up the boss.

Carrying out raids and fighting just to keep their hands in, and keep everyone else cowed.


They really are the most awful bullies.

Yesterday I was watching a big pigeon (probably a descendant of Walters ), sitting alone in the totally empty tree, every other branch but his available for perching.

And we are talking about a huge tree here!


What happens!

A huge crow flies straight into the tree at high speed and dive bombs the poor pigeon, who leaves the scene at a fast rate of knots.

The robber baron crow then sits itself on exactly the same spot as the pigeon had been occupying so peacefully.


So there the crow was, sitting alone in the totally empty tree!


Talking about flying, did you hear about the two German ladies who were arrested at the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool at 11am on 3rd April.

These women, aged 41 and 66 years of age, had arrived with a dead body strapped into a wheelchair and wearing sunglasses.

They were intending to take the body onto a flight to Berlin with easyJet.

As they were waiting to check in, airport staff became concerned about the relative ‘asleep’ in the wheelchair and sent for assistance, at which time it was discovered that the ladies were actually attempting to smuggle the dead body onto the plane.

The police were called to the passenger terminal and the pair were arrested under suspicion of ‘failure to give notification of death’ in regard to a 91 year old man named as a Mr. Jarant.

It is thought that the pair may have taken the body to the airport in a taxi from Oldham in Greater Manchester.

The ladies were later released on bail until 1st June 2010, and police will continue their enquiries.

A post mortem is also being carried out.


Who says life is not stranger than fiction.


Have a grand one.



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