Save Your Blushes.



Today I have decided to tell you about an excellent way of avoiding possible embarrassment.


I don’t know about you, but if you read a lot you can come across words that you have never actually used in the normal everyday conversations that you have.

It seems so obvious what they mean and they are exactly correct to suit certain descriptive needs.


There is however one small drawback …. if you have not heard other people use these words …. or have even heard other people using the words, but using them with the an incorrect pronunciation, then how would you know that they are incorrect!


It happened to me years ago when ‘muesli’ first became known in the UK.

I was in a university environment and mentioned to a group of people that I had just started eating, and enjoying, ‘ mew-ez-lee’.

Urgh, said a very posh, an stridently voiced, girl student. What a funny way to say ‘Muse-lee’.

Enough said!


So, f you have any doubts about how to pronounce a word, then there is a quick way to make sure that you do not make an avoidable social faux pas.

Check the word out in the privacy of your own home before you use it in conversation. because normally no-one will correct you if you get it wrong …. but obviously they will notice!


There is an excellent site available, which uses a voice to pronounce the word for you so that you can always get it right.

Here is the link so you can keep it on your computer for instant reference. …. a free Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation.


I use it myself when I come across a new word while I am reading.

It is great!


Have a fine and wordy day yourself.







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