Share A Stranger’s Orgasm. (ADULT)

Hello to you.


Did you have a good night.

Did you have an orgasm.

Did you have it alone or in company.


How would YOU feel about  filming yourself coming and then sharing it with the whole world?


Have you ever visited a site called Beautiful Agony?


It is well worth looking at if you are a people watcher like me.

It consists of film which different, ordinary people have taken of themselves while they are having their orgasm.  They then put it on this site to share it.

It is quite beautiful to watch,

Do not get me wrong, this is not a Porn Site, well, not in my opinion.

There is no bodily nudity or anything like that.  It just shows the faces of people in their most private moments, from the neck up, you do not know what they may be doing or having done to them. You only see the results.


You can become a member, or do as I did and watch the free previews.


Hey, it beats Eastenders every time.




I believe that people who do join get to listen to some people’s confessions too if they want to, whatever that is about!

Not really my thing.

Too much information for me!!

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